The Art of Pioneering a Music Program

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How does one start a music program that is largely non-existent? Here in South Africa it’s only the private schools that include private/instrument music lessons in their curriculum. At the moment, I’m teaching music appreciation as a subject in a private boys school that is obsessed with sport (grades 4-8). Music is a very low priority and making headway is slow and sometimes, I have to admit, I want to fall down in a puddle on the floor in the fetal position and suck my thumb at the injustice of it all.

I had to ask myself, after coming from a co-ed school, what do boys want? What do boys love? I had to make it relevant for them. A while ago I read a book by Dr James Dobson called “bringing up boys”; in it, he states that most teachers gear their lessons towards girls and not boys. I had a long think about it and realized I did that very thing in my music lessons. Girls are generally very accepting about most things we do within music lessons, but boys are rough and ready, these warrior like personalities who couldn’t be bothered about singing and dancing unless it involves some sort of hip hop fight scene.

They like the physical stuff, like drumming. I am generalizing here, as many boys do enjoy other things, but in my experience, they are in the minority. I began to formulate lots of rhythm lessons and invested in many pairs of drum sticks and boomwhackers where the boys could whack out their frustrations, in a controlled environment, to their hearts content. I have had to be creative in picking what I do with them, especially in a school where the music budget is small.

Boomwhackers are great to be able to teach chord structures to the boys in a fun environment. I will put together a tuned rhythm where I use the chords C, F and G. I hand out C and E (C chord), F and A (F chord), and G and B (G chord). We then create a rhythm and the boys whack it out as hard as they want to on the tuned, hardy, plastic music makers. At the end of the time, their hands are sore, they’ve blown in their friends ears through the tubes, tried out the strength of the plastic on another persons head and left thanking me for a very enjoyable lesson. I swell in the face of gratitude as my next class enters to go through the whole scenario again.

And slowly, slowly, each year I’m around, I begin to make a little more headway in the music scene around our college. I have to place music where there is none and create opportunities for musicians where there were none… and when all is said and done, I can turn around and be immensely proud of placing a musical note in a sport infested environment.

– Celeste Smith

Celeste is also an author of a book that tells a true story about a family’s struggle and ultimate victory in dealing with a disabled child. She speaks very frankly about their ordeal and feelings of depression and anger. She speaks about how this affected her other child and her relationship with her husband. She brings you into her world now, which is a place of peace, security and victory through Jesus Christ.

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Teaching Music on Its Three Different Perspectives

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It is not easy for one to teach music because it requires both knowledge and skill to be highly efficient in this particular job. Over the years, education professionals and experts continue to search for strategies on how they can take teaching music to a much higher level. A lot of factors play a role in this subject. Children, for example, will not always be interested in what you will teach them since all they want to do is play and do things on their own. Adults, on the other hand, may not be as cooperative as you expect them to be. There may be hurdles in teaching someone how to understand music, play a musical instrument and the likes. But what matter the most is the fact that there are various strategies in this peculiar task-all of which will be discussed in this post.

The teacher. Teaching music is both a profession and passion for some educators. It is challenging yet rewarding. The teacher should not stop learning new things about music especially that new innovations are available for use. The teacher must be highly motivated to impart his or her knowledge to the students inasmuch as he or she must possess a lot of patience. Set a goal and stick to it. Teaching materials such as flashcards, recorders, and listening resource kits would be of great help in capturing one’s attention. Start with the basics and always go back to it.

The student. Take into account the learner’s age, interest, fundamentals when it comes to music-how much he or she knows about what you will teach, and of course, motivation. These things are highly essential if you want your student to really learn and be able to execute the things you will teach them. Make them like what you teach. Have them practice as much as they can. Have them repeat the beats since repetition is what music is made of. Creative music programs will get their interest and will spare them from boredom. It is always best to have active participation during classes. Do not forget to acknowledge, praise, and reward them for their job well done. Through this, they will take advantage of the extra points you give which will help them be attentive and cooperative. Plus, making them feel their efforts are appreciated will motivate them to do better each time.

The Harmony. Combining the student’s and the teacher’s efforts will surely create a harmonious working relationship. The harmony marks that the goal has been met. Once the teacher showed that he or she cares for the student and the student’s progress, it will start to create harmony among themselves which will make learning music fun and effective. Harmony will bring the best out of the students and will push them to the limits of what they can do. There will be no more barriers to acquiring music knowledge and skills. There will only be more love and passion for sounds, notes, and melodies.

Teaching music generally requires love for what one does. Remember, you are not mere music teachers. You are mentors who have once touched people’s lives and have helped them become better persons that they can be.

Teaching music with this software for music teachers can save you time and efforts. – Earl Marsden

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Teaching Music – A Stable and a Noble Profession

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Teaching music must be so much fun and rewarding. With so many inspiring stories from different music teachers around the globe, I know that most of us agree when I say that teaching can certainly be one of the most noble and fulfilling professions one can possibly engage himself into. Whenever a professional is teaching music, he or she is believed to be experiencing the kind of contentment and joy only teaching can bring.

The following are some of the many advantages of teaching music and how this craft can be a very exciting and rewarding experience:

a. A music teacher gets the sweetest hug or a kiss on his or her cheek from the students – their simple ways of thanking their mentors, extending their appreciation and showing their sincerest gratitude.

b. Teaching music goes beyond traditional teaching as it can involve a wide array of music teachers’ resources which the learners can surely understand, adopt, acquire and enjoy.

c. Music teachers can now enjoy both their passion and profession in a more innovative and interactive approach through the use of some technologies and subscription to reliable music teachers’ software that you can find and avail online.

d. Teaching music is a great way to express oneself, spread the good news about music as well as its wonders, continue to touch a heart and change a life, and most of all, desirably inspire others to rediscover their talents, skills and interests.

e. As a music education expert, you can incredibly encourage fellow musicians to live up to their passion and let the legacy lives on.

f. This profession can also be a possible way to further your personal knowledge, understanding and perceptions about music and music education.

g. Your authentic ways of understanding, appreciating and loving music and its varieties can be effective tools and methods to motivate the learners embrace this craft and live with its gifts and perfections.

h. You can creatively teach your students to express themselves more artistically and imaginatively.

i. Evaluating the issues linked to learning and teaching music, you can reinvent and modify different music teaching strategies to make it more appealing, interesting and inspiring to everyone.

Evidently, teaching music can be a great avenue to find more and more reliable and fun ways to do what you love and passionate about – without compromising the kind of career opportunities and financial security you might possibly have. Your experiences as a music teacher seems to be irreplaceable as you can always explore, play around and feel young with your learners at all times – a perfect way to get rid of boredom, monotony and stress.

Teaching music offers greater opportunities as you could always be a part of a music school or some private music studios or even put up your own music studio business at home or elsewhere. You can always give yourself and your career a chance to venture into new, different things that you would surely enjoy.

So, if you are having second thoughts on taking music teaching as a career, better weigh things out right away and feel the wonders, fun and rewards of teaching music can give you.  Yes, this is truly a fulfilling and fun experience – personally, psychologically, emotionally, mentally and even financially.

Teaching music with this software for music teachers can save you time and efforts. – Earl Marsden

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Teaching Music – Is This Really For You?

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Are you into teaching? Do you have the passion over music and have the power to mold young minds – teaching them things that never last? Well, if you intend to spread the wonders and the good news about music but still quite undecided whether teaching music as your profession is really for you, read on, discern and realize if this can truly be your profession, passion or both.

Self-discernment and Motivation

To start with, you may want to ask yourself of the following questions so as to gauge if you are somehow destined to be in this area of specialization – teaching music.

• Do you have what it takes to be an effective and efficient music teacher?

• Do you possess the knowledge, the expertise, the experiences, the skills, and the motivation to teach music to those very wide and extensive batches of learners and music enthusiasts?

• Do you have the drive and the power to motivate and inspire your students?

• Are you willing to embrace new challenges and stay open for new things, technologies and strategies?

• Do you wish to pursue professional growth as you tend to enjoy and love what you do?

• Can you make teaching music a very fun and exciting experience not just to your students but also to yourself?

• Are you creative, flexible and versatile enough to teach music with some innovative tools or some reliable music teaching resources and programs that you can find online?

• Do you think this can make you successful – personally, professionally, emotionally and financially?

• Can this be a great avenue where you can get good professional training, competitive compensation packages, and great incentives?

• Can this provide you financial security and stability for a very long time as it gives you the chances to feel self-worth and experience optimum satisfaction?

Well, this is just some of the many questions that can help you decide – whether or not you are to push through despite and in spite of everything. Generally, teaching music can be both rewarding and challenging experiences to both parties; yet, music teachers out there shall obtain higher levels of interest, passion, motivation and inspiration. This has to be in their minds at all times so as to anticipate and encourage the students to do the same.

Well, just a piece of advice: if you are a music teacher wannabe or a newbie in the music teaching profession, you should never worry about anything. Go ahead and make teaching music both your profession and your passion. After all, there have been lots of music teaching software and other online resources for a more innovative and effective music teaching.

Believe me, it is all worth it. Your efforts and hard works would surely pay off – not so soon though. However, bear in mind that even if the outcome, which you’ve always dreamed of, takes years, you would definitely harvest or reap whatever you sow. And the fruit would truly be the sweetest of them all – something that everybody would always remember and cherish forever.

So, you see? Teaching music can be so much fun, very exciting that it can bring out the youthfulness in you at all times. What are you waiting for? Grab the chances and begin to love music teaching as you stay fulfilled and inspired – always!

Teaching music with this software for music teachers can save you time and efforts. – Earl Marsden

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How to Enjoy Teaching Music – Motivating You and Your Students

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In teaching music, you cannot see the fruit of a day’s work.  It is invisible and remains so, maybe for twenty years.  – Jacques Barzun

Teaching music can really be fun, rewarding and challenging. As most music teachers out there, like me, would tag it as both our profession and passion, we have committed ourselves to improving the quality of music education around the globe in different innovative ways. I believe that as most of us teach music, we see to it that we, together with our students, are always motivated and inspired in learning and understanding each music experience.

Self-motivation in teaching music can be rooted from so many things. A music teacher may get it from available innovations that can help him or her with lots of things – providing good and useful music teaching resources. With the kind of convenience and ease he or she may experience through these technologies, I am sure that he or she can enjoy teaching music at all times.

Coming up with creative and innovative music teaching strategies may also motivate students. As they would surely enjoy learning, understanding and loving music to the fullest – getting more and more excited and interested each music class or tutorial lesson. Whenever music teachers like us see our students interested, overwhelmed, involved and enthusiastic in every classroom activity we have, we feel more motivated and inspired to continue the things that we do.

Music programs and activities have to be new, creative, exciting and innovative to get the students’ attention, interest and active participation. Integrating the use of technology in their daily music lessons can be a great start. Since our students of today’s generation are more exposed in a wide array of technologies like the use of internet, social networking site and other programs or applications over the net, they would surely enjoy your innovative strategies of teaching them music.

Loving what you do is still the best key to music teaching success and fulfillment. Showing your students that you care for them and you value them a lot can be a very good motivating factor. Simple means of appreciation and recognition to a job well done are great ways to make them feel motivated and inspired. Tapping one’ shoulders, saying words of encouragement, sending them little rewards like small items and other novelties of their interests, and giving them some incentives or extra points. When they see that you do these things habitually, they would surely take advantage of each incentive and feel excited, cooperative and attentive at all times.

With all these simple yet significant tips in teaching music, I believe that they would remember us as their mentors – going beyond their mere music teachers. Great people in the academe who have helped them become better individuals and have inspired them to bring out the best in them at all times.

When they have established a “name” among themselves in the areas they have chosen someday and you see them successful and happy, I am sure that it would give you more feelings of happiness, success and fulfillment. True, it could be one of the most rewarding experiences we, music teachers, can ever feel. And nothing can ever repay you with such or substitute those accomplishments.

So, let’s continue to love, enjoy and embrace what we do as teaching music can indeed be our motivation and inspiration to achieve both our personal and professional goals. Happy teaching!

Teaching music can be more effective and convenient with this software for music teachers. – Earl Marsden

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Teaching Music: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Do you teach music? Have you ever experienced the fun and the joy music teachers feel every time they hang out with their students in the music classroom or private studio? Do you love what you do and enjoy your music teaching experiences? Well, read on and get the motivation and the weapons that you need to be that music mentor you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes, teaching music can be so much fun, rewarding and challenging all at the same time. It is indeed a noble profession that goes beyond work, being regarded as a commitment and a vocation. As far as academic and curriculum development is concerned, music education experts and professionals tend to upgrade and enhance music teachers resources, integrate technology into teaching music, and most of all, motivate learners of the future generations to adopt, understand, enjoy and love music wholeheartedly.

The Music Teacher

An anonymous author has once said that teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions; hence, a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Well, I completely agree; a teacher educates a mind and nourishes a heart – making someone a successful individual and a better person.

Every music educator has to motivate their students to learn and understand music – inspiring them to enjoy and love its wonders, joys and fun. He or she can actually touch and change a life without even lifting a finger. By mere tapping a shoulder, saying an encouraging word, appreciating a hard work, or making your students feel that they are trusted, such acts can greatly affect their lives or even the way they think, speak, feel and live.

The Music Educational Programs and Advocacies

Education is really dynamic; it evolves and varies from one generation to another. It requires sufficient and timely development to meet the needs of the learners and to get their satisfaction – attaining academic excellence and professional fulfillment. School activities and other educational programs are anticipated to be useful, interesting, fun and useful. Innovative and creative music teaching strategies are perceived to be effective tools in making our students highly motivated. With the commitment and the desire of the concerned individuals in the academe, I am sure that the good news about teaching music can really spread like wildfire – having our learners more interested in understanding and loving music on their own.

Music, Art and Passion

Indeed, teaching music of yesterday, today and tomorrow may differ in many things; yet, one great thing remains true and proven: music as well as music teaching not only inspires creativity and academic performance, but also adopts the attitude and the belief to enjoy life at its best.

Today, dare to make a great difference in the society, take the challenge, grab the opportunity and inspire young minds. Be among those thousands of music enthusiasts who have decided to make a decision and embraced teaching music as their profession and passion, a commitment. Do something you love and enjoy doing as you would never get tired or feel bored and exhausted. After all, this may be a good place for you.

So, teach music today and enjoy tomorrow. Happy teaching!

Teaching music with this software for music teachers can save you time and efforts. – Earl Marsden

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