The Muse in Mother Nature

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By Ken Couslon of Gatsby’s Green Light

The pitter-patter of the raindrops sounds like a symphonic drum circle resonating all around me. It is here I am reminded of the inextricable link between music and nature. It was something I was first exposed to in Victor Wooten’s ‘The Music Lesson’ and something I am reminded when I spend precious moments in the woods or set foot on a farm or field with my guitar.

Music exists all around us and it is the musicians’ job to channel those vibrations he or she is able to tune into. The big ones, the ones that have been ringing out for billions of years are found in our natural environment. And they tell a story too, like all music. At once, one can tap into all creation or simply our moment in time within it.

The contours of the farmland or the rocky wooded peaks and valleys are akin to nature’s dynamic and intention, its lessons on notes and space. From what I can tell it’s a welcoming place and without it our lives, like a life without music, hold less meaning. So it would hold that in order to protect our culture, like we value or story, we must protect music and nature as two in the same.

Spreading this message in a more direct way is what we hope to do with Gatsby’s Green Light. GGL is part of a mixed media approach to promote positivity and sustainability. Like the importance of music in carrying the message, we see sustainability as an investment in every living thing. We’re not the pioneers but hopefully our project can approach people thinking on all different types of levels. We want to promote good ideas and grassroots efforts in motion as well as brainstorm big formulaic changes that can guide us to a more sustainable way of life.

Ken & Gatsby’s Green Light at Norwalk CT’s LIVE GREEN 2012’

We love connecting with a tuned in audience. It’s always easy to share our vibrations knowing that our common goals are already established. When I played to 800 at CT Northeast Organic Farmers Association’s Winter Conference I was amazed at the energy and ideas that seemed almost palpable in the sounds vibrations of the cafeteria. There the conversation, verbal and non-verbal, flows easily. We’ll hope to play up to 50 of these types of event in 2013 including farmers’ markets, green fairs, bookstores, and sustainable farms. We’ve got more solar powered shows in our future.

When we play traditional music venues our message translates in more subtle ways. I love seeing someone’s face light up when I talk about our 100% recycled download cards that are embedded with wildflower seeds. ‘Plant em after you’ve downloaded the music!” or sharing with a curious listener some of the easy community driven ways they can support sustainability and support themselves.

For more on Gatsby’s Green Light’s view on sustainable living and resources, visit us here:

OUR logo depicts the sun and the earth and the unbreakable bond between them

Of course, we hope to share and act in much bigger ways in the future. We’ve done some work understanding the energy industry and how renewable sources can and must play their part in our energy future. I am happy to talk with people at shows about what we’ve found. We’d love for our platform to grow enough to reach politicians and decision makers with these ideas. As always, we ask these folks to look to places that have made sun and wind power work and emulate their programs. Places like Germany and Sweden immediately come to mind.

If you study the problems, it becomes clear that the time for action is right now. We’re choosing music, art and literature as tools to help tells this story and hopefully reach a wider audience. But we’ll need your help. Just like the sustainable living effort itself, we need to do this together.

Ken Coulson is the founder of Sonic Bomb LLC, a mixed-media company that uses art to raise awareness about sustainable living solutions. He is an advocate of Natural Capitalism, a multi-instrument musician and is writing his first book, Annalee & The Forever Smile. His musical project is at


Piano and Keyboard Method Educational Edition Version 3.0

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The easiest way to teach piano and keyboard in your music classroom!

Seattle, WAAugust 14, 2012, eMedia Music Corp., publisher of the world’s best-selling and award-winning series of music tutorial CD-ROMs, announces the release of Version 3.0 of eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method Educational Edition, developed specifically for schools and educators to teach students using eMedia’s innovative technology. Students will learn to play using over 300 step-by-step full-screen lessons and more than 70 video demonstrations taught by distinguished Juilliard School of Music instructor, Irma Irene Justicia, M.A. Improvements for Version 3.0 and new features include a new internet-based Assessment Server option, a Student Home User Edition for at-home use, new Instant Feedback, new Note and Finger Tracker tools, improved progress and assessment reporting and more. eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method Educational Edition is recommended for Grades 4 and up.

New Instant Feedback works with both electronic keyboards and acoustic pianos. It listens to melodies through the computer’s microphone or MIDI and shows whether they are played correctly. With a MIDI keyboard, students also get a detailed evaluation with specific feedback on playing mistakes. Students learn to read music and play over 100 popular songs as an animated keyboard guides them through the fingerings.

As the students make their way through the course, the software records their progress by marking lesson screens that have been visited, and keeping a log of scores on interactive music theory review and ear training quizzes. When used with an electronic MIDI keyboard, an overall percentage score is also tracked for each song or exercise. With the included Instructor Tool, the instructor can review the students’ progress, take notes and generate reports as needed.

Teachers can manage up to 500 student accounts and use eMedia’s detailed assessment system to monitor students’ scores and advancement through the course. Integrated network connectivity has been upgraded to also support eMedia’s internet-based assessment server (one-year subscription included). It allows for easy implementation of progress sharing between Windows and Mac computers and enables students to practice either at home or in school while the teacher views progress & assessment information.

Students learn songs and exercises from either the music notation or an animated keyboard that displays fingerings in time with the music. Songs and exercises are enhanced by live-recorded audio, variable-speed MIDI keyboard tracks and colorful MIDI accompaniments. Students learn from over 100 popular classical, blues, pop and rock songs, including hit songs from composers and artists such as Ludwig van Beethoven, J.S. Bach, Billy Joel, Bob Dylan and Elton John. Other accessories include a built-in digital metronome, a one-track recorder and the new interactive Note & Finger Tracker.

The previous version of Piano & Keyboard Method was described by American Music Teacher Magazine as “Impressive and thorough”, and this new version is even more so. Over 300 lessons are now presented in scalable full-screen resolution for easy viewing. The over 70 videos can also be viewed in full-screen.

Licenses for eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method Education Edition Version 3.0 are available for schools and academic institutions to purchase now. The program is a hybrid CD-ROM for both Windows (XP/Vista/Windows 7/ Windows 8) and Macintosh (OSX 10.3+) platforms. Educators can download a complimentary 30-Day trial version of eMedia Piano & Keyboard Method Education Edition Version 3.0 for evaluation by visiting eMedia’s web site:

PureSolo – An Online Music Recording Platform

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PureSolo is a global online music-recording platform that allows users to download professionally-produced backing tracks and accompaniments from a vast catalog, and record their own versions using the website’s own built-in recorder. Each downloaded track comes complete with lyrics or sheet music, together with a backing track played by high quality session musicians. Backing Tracks can also be downloaded as a takeaway MP3 for use outside the PureSolo website.

Users can search the catalog of over 25,000 tracks from 35 different genres and 19 instruments. Once a track has been selected, it can be re-recorded as many times as the user wishes. Once completed, a recording can then be exported to social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, while a profile is also created on PureSolo where users can upload a photo, share some of their musical inspirations, and comment and interact with other members of the community.

New Ear Training Games at Theta Music Trainer Make Music Theory Fun

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Theta Music Technologies has unveiled three new innovative games for music lovers, along with a host of new features in the latest version of its acclaimed online ear training system Theta Music Trainer. A new personal feedback feature makes Theta Music Trainer the world’s first online ear trainer that can respond to students individually based on the results from their music games.

(PRWEB) April 21, 2011

Theta Music Technologies today added three new titles to its growing collection of music skill games, announcing the new games together with a new version of its acclaimed online ear training system Theta Music Trainer .

The new version features a Personal Trainer component, which recommends specific games and practice levels for each student, based on current skill level and previous game play. Individuals differ greatly in the specific areas of ear training that give them the most difficulty. The Personal Trainer feature helps to pinpoint these areas for each person, resulting in more efficient practice and faster improvement. With the addition of this new functionality, Theta Music Trainer becomes the first online ear training system to offer personalized feedback and recommendations based on automated analysis of game play.

Two of the new games, Dango Brothers and Speed Pitch, are designed to help students sharpen their sense of pitch and intonation. This is a vital musical skill that is required to sing on key or play an instrument in tune with others. The third game, Number Blaster, helps students acquire a basic grasp of numbers as they pertain to scale degrees and chord roman numerals. Much of music is based on numbers, with melodies and chord progressions often represented as numerical sequences.

The new version also contains several new features for music teachers, including online assignment and grade book capability. Theta Music Trainer is ideal for use in the classroom, and can also be used to supplement private instrument/voice lessons. The new version allows teachers to create homework assignments for ear training practice and view the results of each student’s game play. Students can find and complete their assignments online and receive feedback from the teacher.

Finally, along with many cosmetic improvements, the new release of Theta Music Trainer contains a Spanish mode, so that native Spanish speakers can fully enjoy the games, explanations, and other site content in their own language. Launched initially in English and Japanese, Theta Music Trainer was designed from the beginning to be multilingual, and more language translations are planned for future releases.

Piano Teaching Resources: Teaching Music Improvisation and Composition from a Familiar Starting Point

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When first starting to improvise or compose, the silence surrounding the instrument or the piece of blank manuscript paper in front of students can be rather daunting. Therefore I always begin creative activities within a genre that is familiar to music students. Sometimes, the best piano teaching resources come from our own experience, and I would like to share some of my observations here.

Outside your music studio, what engagement do your students have with music? Do they practice what you have just taught? Do they apply what they have learned and understood from their music lessons? These are some of the questions that music teachers may to ask new students. And that includes me.

Being a music teacher for several years, I observed that majority of my students hear pop music on the radio, ‘muzak’ in shopping centres, soundtracks in movies, ring tones and advertising jingles from different media while only a small minority of them are interested in hearing live music regularly, and a much smaller minority are exposed to new classical repertoire outside of their lessons.

With this in mind, the first improvisational or compositional activities in a music studio usually stem from a response to a visual stimulus and more often than not, they are a response to a short film. This has many advantages. Firstly, students are already familiar with the genre and do not need to spend much time studying the style. Secondly, students are creating works that are appropriate to their everyday environment. And lastly, a film gives the students a starting point in terms of mood and structure.

I find that one of the greatest struggles for young composers is structure. How long should this section be? How do I link all my ideas into one coherent piece? When should the piece end? Where should the climax be? How long is the build up to the climax? Is it too early or late to change mood? When composing or improvising a short film, the structure is largely determined for the student and the film also provides answers to other variables that can often be a stumbling block for starting the piece (for example, mood).

I am always fascinated by the different approaches my music students take to creative tasks. Some students study the film intently, watching it three or four times before starting to tinker around on the piano for ideas. Other students jump straight in and improvise in real time as the picture changes on the screen, always a second or two behind the action. And then there are the students who watch, furiously scribble notes and leave the lesson, turning up the following week with a completely notated, fully scored composition.

My younger students use film as an improvisatory starting point. I use it to encourage them to explore the piano – the range as well as both the timbral and textural possibilities. I also use these piano teaching resources to introduce the concepts of mood, expression and the communicative nature of music. For my older or more advanced students, writing a film score is a way for them to consolidate their theoretical knowledge and to express themselves creatively. Some questions that I ask my older students to consider are:

1. What is the mood of each scene? When does this change?

2. Should this scene be scored with silence or music?

3. Are you driving the action or commentating? (For example, is the composer creating suspense that might not yet be present on the screen, or are they scoring the moment as it happens, or even after it happens?)

4. Is there a climax?

5. Which character’s mood/opinion are you scoring?

6. Is the genre of the music being composed relevant to the people, the time and the place where the film is set?

I would love to hear how other music and piano teachers like you begin to teach improvisation and composition, how you use innovative piano teaching resources, and how you incorporate other arts disciplines into your studio. If you do not currently include improvisation or composition in your lessons or if it is a skill that is unfamiliar to you as a piano teacher, I strongly encourage you to head to YouTube, find a short film and begin creating! Good luck!

Visit these piano teaching resources and learn how you can benefit from this piano teacher software. – Earl Marsden

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Private Teacher Business Management Software: Integrating Technology into Teaching Music

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Are you a private music teacher? Do you always see yourself in a hurry and so busy in managing your time, classroom activities and schedule? Have you heard about those available downloadable programs over the web that can help you out in your professional endeavors? Well, there is nothing worry as such private teacher business management software can give you the assistance you wish to have.

It is true that technology and innovations have brought individuals around the globe all good things and great advantages. With all of the debates and discussions about the use and effects of technology, it is truly undeniably that technology is an essential tool for transforming traditional culture system and improving the quality of life of a society – yes, even in education itself. The development of computer and World Wide Web makes it easy for everyone to navigate information, bridge the borders and connect to everyone in different geographical locations.

In almost everything people do, technology has been a great part of increasing its efficiency, ease and convenience. From doing daily chores, office works, or simply engaging to recreational activities, everyone utilize technology. Even in teaching and classroom discussions, technology has been proven to be an effective way in transferring learning to the students in a very effective manner.

In music education, every innovation has helped every music teacher get the easy access he or she needs in order to maximize his or her resources. Such private teacher business management software can do a bunch of things all at the same time – from the most basic management functions up to the most complicated ones.

The emerging query, why integrate technology in teaching music? Music teachers often confront quandaries and predicaments in finding updated and comprehensive resources and materials about music. The tedious processes of reading piles of books and encyclopedias often make it harder for music educators to gauge advanced learning for their students. Thus, it creates a shortage of knowledge when transferred to the target clienteles.

The advent of World Wide Web paves way to the easy access to information about music culture, genres, styles and dynamics. Updated and various information is just one-click away. Music educators and practitioners could create comprehensive learning tools such as manuals, lesson plans and other music modules. Other advantages that could bequeath from integrating technology in music teaching through private teacher business management software are as follows:

• It will guide music teachers in the development of customized learning modules and lesson plans suitable to the needs, demands and preferences of students with the aid of creative pedagogical interventions and activities which are readily available in various music websites, links and resources.

• It will save time from the bottleneck and tedious process of reading piles of books and papers just to develop a comprehensive lecture and learning kits; it will actually help to streamline and engender the whole process of music teaching.

• It will also help music teachers to manage and supervise some administrative and technical tasks such as data management, processing and analysis, time management and other clerical works. Music websites provide templates and base camps for music educators to carry out technical tasks easily and efficiently.

Indeed, private teacher business management software can be a sure-hit. Becoming so in demand in the academic scene, more and more music teachers are getting less skeptical about investing into this reliable and web-based program. So, get your own music teacher virtual helper today and be relieved.

Join this music teachers forum and learn more about the many benefits of using this private teacher business management software. – Earl Marsden

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Private Teacher Business Management Helps You Teach Music

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They say teaching is a very noble profession. Thus, a music teacher is expected to be doing this profession with all his or her might, passion, determination and commitment. Teaching music may seem to be more of a vocation or a hobby to bring out the best in you and a skill or expertise rather than to be his or her business or mere bread and butter. With this, he or she looks forward to having such partner or assistant in accomplishing every assigned and anticipated task – he or she intends to venture into such reliable and innovative private teacher business management software or program.

The said web-based application can eventually manage his or her tasks with a very minimal supervision – thus, making the studio or classroom administration, music teaching and the like so convenient, accessible and interactive. Technology on private teacher business management may tend to lessen the burdens of any music teacher – making him or her save lots of time, effort and other valuable resources. More so, such saved time and effort may be allocated to other important things like professional growth, research and development, analysis, evaluation and assessment, and a lot more.

Indeed, private teacher business management can be as easy as ABC. Little does the music teacher know that once he or she has started using the automated program over the web, he or she can actually maximize everything without of course compromising the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of the targeted results; instead, the music education mentor can be surprised on how awesome it can be – making every outcome more positively, productively and profitably attainable. Now, why do you need to teach music to students and how you can make private teacher business management a lot accessible and more useful?

Music teachers like you must also understand the central role in molding most students into a full-grown individual with high-discipline and immense passion towards music. Realizing the importance of music teaching to both parties: teachers and students, and to the larger society may bring about desirable changes for each and everyone’s lives. In such way, the music learning process could be a two way exchanges of knowledge and transfer of learning – from teachers to students, and vice-versa.

Many argue that music cannot exist without sound. Some argues that music is some kind of a mental image and sounds are simply the by-product of this image. But many avant-gardes justify that music is a form of communication with special rhythmic patterns which enable to convey messages in the most appealing manner.

Therefore, music both necessitates unique form of thinking, listening and speaking. It challenges the capability of an individual to create images and produce a physical characteristic of such images through sound; pay attention and listen actively to various sounds produced to be able to create own music; and later on structure to be able to convey to target audiences, groups and larger community.

It is truly wonderful how this special pattern of creating and producing music has been effective for generations and continuously developing throughout the years. Thus, the creation and production of music nourishes the mental and physiological capability of music educators, pursuits and students. It enables us to challenge our creativity in greater depths, and explore imaginative thinking in grander heights.

So make your music classrooms or studios more fun, exciting, interesting and educational – make use of the special features and innovative applications such private teacher business management software can bring into your doorstep. What are you waiting for? Join the loop and begin your amazing musical experiences and everyday ventures with your dear students. Enjoy!

Private teacher business management can be more efficient and rewarding with this teaching music software. – Earl Marsden

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Piano Teaching Resources: Reliable and Effective Teaching Strategies

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The dramatic revolution of piano as a musical instrument has paved way to the development of piano playing and teaching. Not only has it become a leisure activity, but moreover as a professional discipline or career. Many education experts and academicians have focused on teaching piano and even built own music studios or private tutorial centers. Of course, the impressive development necessitates the continuous search of new and advanced knowledge or discoveries in this field. The use of piano teaching resources has also been a stronghold of various information, knowledge and data about piano playing, learning and teaching.

Such resources in piano teaching offer introduction to the world of piano and even provide mounts of useful strategies on how to improve skills in piano teaching. The resources house reference encyclopedia, feature articles, equipment device and other useful links related to piano. Never doubt that a navigable, efficient and easy-to-use resource has piles of facts and tidings about piano. You cannot compromise the quality, the convenience and the satisfaction these references can give you, your fellows and even your students.

Maybe not all music or at least piano teachers may have been so aware that there are lots of distinct features and contents that will surely help most of them to achieve a more effective teaching strategy and mechanism. Useful tips for a more dynamic piano teaching with your students as well as all those other piano teaching resources, which are made readily available for everyone, may be adopted and executed through lots of learning approaches, activities, exercises and methodologies that you could use during class discussions.

Most of the piano pursuits who take face-to-face tutorials are those who belong in the younger age groups. Thus, the piano resources are very ideal for a teacher like you because of its creative pedagogical methodologies. You also do not need to undergo the tedious process of library haunting just to search for books and encyclopedias on piano lessons. The resources include customized modules, lesson plans and short courses that you could adopt for your students. All the modules were made based on an intensive and in-depth research in accordance with the learning needs and gaps of most piano students nowadays. Thereby, you are assured of a very plausible piano teaching and learning for you and your students.

Such piano teaching resources are especially constructed, designed and programmed for most the piano educators and music practitioners like you. Thus, you shall always have to bear in mind that such resources in piano teaching must be evaluated, assessed and developed at all times – from time to time. This effort on evaluation and on modification is aimed towards the betterment of the kind of quality education you render and cater to your learners.

It is so true that today’s modern technologies have generally made music education as well as piano teaching more and more dynamic, versatile and a lot interesting. With such belief, music and piano teachers must update themselves with the latest teaching strategies and innovations that they can use in the classroom and piano studios. Through this, it is guaranteed that there will never be any room for boredom and monotony because everybody gets so motivated and inspired to teach and learn the piano. Enjoy the latest piano teaching resources today! Good luck!

Join this music teachers discussion and learn more reliable and informative piano teaching resources. – Earl Marsden

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Piano Teacher Forum: Global Avenue for Piano Teachers

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Are you a piano teacher who wants to maximize his or her resources, time and effort? Have you joined and participated in such piano teacher forum to get connected with your fellow music teachers? Well, if you think you need some new things to help you innovate your piano teaching resources, go online now and find those reliable piano teacher forums available today over the web. Here is what it has gotten for you:

Indeed, music is intimately bound with the country’s custom and belief system. It is only the form of communication that has the unique capability to connect, adjust and bridge the gap between different cultures, ethnicities, races and nationalities. Simple sounds, tunes, chants, beats and melodies relay meaning to the ears of listeners and thus, create powerful expression of feelings and ecstasy.

Music styles are fluid, and are made even more diverse by channels of old and new media that are stemming the intervals and gaps between distant communities and different music styles. When this old and new media collide, they create powerful tool in distributing various music genres, forms, styles and dynamics all over the world. In such way, music retains its association with certain places in an increasingly global society. With the power, easy access and convenience the internet and different innovations

Upon reading this, we might capture your interest or intensify your passion in piano playing, teaching and tuning. Good! This is the first step in enhancing your skills upon entering in the pleasing world of piano. Whether you are an experienced piano educator or a budding piano teacher, the state-of-the-art creation of avant-gardes’ piano teacher forum is truly useful for you! Indeed, piano playing is embedded in a complex web of cultural, technical, and geographic contexts and differences.

Even while media can help in transporting such differences and contexts from one place to another, frequently the means become one-sided and the information turns to be biased. The piano teacher forum is a solid consolidation of ideals of interactive networking, participative discussion and circular communication.

Truly, forums for music teachers like these can be stretched and accessed anywhere in the world – no boundaries and limitations. Everyone can participate and interact with each other through a cyber forum in a virtual community. Many of the expert piano teachers, musicians, soloists and avant-gardes are into the forum and you could certainly interact with them wherever you are – with a very few clicks!

This forum for music teacher holds many virtual conferences, networking and discussions about piano teaching, learning and playing. A referee is in charge in the facilitation of the entire forum and ensures the smooth flow of communication of all the participants in the forum. You do not need to worry about the personal details of your life, because privacy and anonymity is much respected in the forum. It is privately maintained and handled by only the most credible and top musicians all over the world.

Indeed, the piano teacher forum is the most effective tool to cross the boundaries of piano learning, playing and teaching together with other piano teachers and enthusiasts like you!

Join this piano teacher forum and learn more about this piano teaching software – Earl Marsden

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Piano Teachers Resources: Powerful Tool in Teaching Music and Piano

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Music teachers can’t get satisfied of they usually have. Oftentimes, they keep on finding more and more aids, strategies and techniques that they can use in making their profession a lot easier, more convenient and much more interesting. Well, this is not a bad thing after all. All teachers and education experts should never stick to traditional mediums and resources of teaching music, piano and any other musical instruments. Indeed, piano teachers resources are great avenues to improve the kind of music education each academe caters and renders to their students.

Truly, teaching music has been one of the most noble, rewarding and challenging professions around the globe. And any music teacher would surely agree with this. With the kind of passion, knowledge, expertise, skills and experiences a music mentor or a piano teacher has, he or she can maximize his or her time, efforts and resources in many different ways. These great and innovative ideas on how to make the most out of your means are certainly great ways to motivate and inspire yourself as well as your students to pursue both academic excellence and professional growth in this industry.

When a music or piano teacher has already started finding the best piano teachers resources for him, her or the students, it only goes to show that he or she has also begun settling for some more things that can innovate the music classrooms or the music studios – making it more interactive and conducive for both teaching and learning.

Students of today’s generation are becoming more and more interested in so many things. Their levels of curiosity, motivation and consciousness have been intensely up; thus, these issues also somehow pressure and challenge the mentors in different subjects – making them search and find the latest tools that can help them out in meeting the demands of the students. To keep everyone away from boredom, break monotony and refrain from school anxiety, everybody looks forward to modern ways and other technologies to make all these things possible.

Some educational researches to address the changing needs of educational systems show that piano studio or classroom management and the piano teaching personnel proficiency seem to partly depend on the kind of piano teachers resources that they have. Getting what is literally and figuratively new, a sure hit and interesting may truly be helpful and useful to both parties.

Such piano teachers resources may be classified as powerful tools in music teaching. Whether you teach in a music classroom or a private studio, you can take advantage of these innovative, interactive and reliable instructional ideas and materials. With a very few clinks on the internet, you can certainly find a cost-effective piano teachers software that can aid you in providing your learners a more fun, exciting and interesting activities in teaching them piano – the easiest and most convenient way.

Thus, you have to bear in mind that the key to the best and most useful piano teachers resources is to do a very thorough research. One more thing, make sure you are being guaranteed by the web-based application providers in terms of your online software subscriptions as well as their full round-the-clock assistance and customer support.

So, get it now and avail those privileges that they may give you. Truly, these piano teachers resources would be of great help to you, your colleagues and most of all, your students. Enjoy!

Join this music teachers forum and learn more reliable and informative piano teachers resources. – Earl Marsden

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