Teaching Music – Is This Really For You?

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Are you into teaching? Do you have the passion over music and have the power to mold young minds – teaching them things that never last? Well, if you intend to spread the wonders and the good news about music but still quite undecided whether teaching music as your profession is really for you, read on, discern and realize if this can truly be your profession, passion or both.

Self-discernment and Motivation

To start with, you may want to ask yourself of the following questions so as to gauge if you are somehow destined to be in this area of specialization – teaching music.

• Do you have what it takes to be an effective and efficient music teacher?

• Do you possess the knowledge, the expertise, the experiences, the skills, and the motivation to teach music to those very wide and extensive batches of learners and music enthusiasts?

• Do you have the drive and the power to motivate and inspire your students?

• Are you willing to embrace new challenges and stay open for new things, technologies and strategies?

• Do you wish to pursue professional growth as you tend to enjoy and love what you do?

• Can you make teaching music a very fun and exciting experience not just to your students but also to yourself?

• Are you creative, flexible and versatile enough to teach music with some innovative tools or some reliable music teaching resources and programs that you can find online?

• Do you think this can make you successful – personally, professionally, emotionally and financially?

• Can this be a great avenue where you can get good professional training, competitive compensation packages, and great incentives?

• Can this provide you financial security and stability for a very long time as it gives you the chances to feel self-worth and experience optimum satisfaction?

Well, this is just some of the many questions that can help you decide – whether or not you are to push through despite and in spite of everything. Generally, teaching music can be both rewarding and challenging experiences to both parties; yet, music teachers out there shall obtain higher levels of interest, passion, motivation and inspiration. This has to be in their minds at all times so as to anticipate and encourage the students to do the same.

Well, just a piece of advice: if you are a music teacher wannabe or a newbie in the music teaching profession, you should never worry about anything. Go ahead and make teaching music both your profession and your passion. After all, there have been lots of music teaching software and other online resources for a more innovative and effective music teaching.

Believe me, it is all worth it. Your efforts and hard works would surely pay off – not so soon though. However, bear in mind that even if the outcome, which you’ve always dreamed of, takes years, you would definitely harvest or reap whatever you sow. And the fruit would truly be the sweetest of them all – something that everybody would always remember and cherish forever.

So, you see? Teaching music can be so much fun, very exciting that it can bring out the youthfulness in you at all times. What are you waiting for? Grab the chances and begin to love music teaching as you stay fulfilled and inspired – always!

Teaching music with this software for music teachers can save you time and efforts. – Earl Marsden

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Teach Music, Enjoy the Fun and Be More Inspired

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“The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.” – William Arthur Ward

From the classifications above, I really think I am a great teacher! I love to teach as much as I enjoy doing it – imparting my knowledge and my skills to young minds. To teach music is both my passion and my cup of tea. I tend to go beyond mere teaching my students music and how to play musical instruments; I see to it that I involve them in everything that we do in every music session – having them highly motivated and inspired at all times.

On a personal note, every time I inspire each of them and make a difference, I feel more motivated and inspired to teach music to these young learners. Whenever I am evaluated by my dear students, I always enjoy reading their feedback as I come to know and realize my weaknesses and my strengths.

Consistently, I would have lots of good and positive points and a very few points for improvement. Yet, I keep an open mind to accept that there shall always be rooms for improvement. Yes, at all times – music teachers shall never cease from educating their own minds and coming up with new, creative and innovative music teaching resources.

Below are some of my top three secrets on why and may be how I become one of the best and most inspired teachers who love to teach music at all times.

Use innovative strategies and make learning so much fun. Learn how animate things and make use of available innovations like integration of internet and other means of computer technology. I am so sure that like my students, they prefer and appreciate innovative music teaching strategies. These methods can certainly keep them away from boredom and school anxiety. Thus, these positively make them feel more motivated and inspired to attend your music class, participate in every activity and attentively cooperate in all classroom endeavors.

Create a more conducive learning environment where they can truly and successfully understand and love music. Make your classroom or music studio a good venue for camaraderie. Establish camaraderie between them and you as their music educator as well as among their classmates. Communicate with the students and relate to them as often as you could.

Reward them at all times – give them lots of incentives and recognitions that they deserve. Positive remarks and other ways of sending them your compliments and appreciations are indeed effective ways to make them feel involved, motivated and inspired. Have that positive attitude to magnify the good things that your dear students do and accomplish instead of focusing much on their weaknesses and limitations. They have boundless abilities that can actually surprise you each day.

Well, every teacher can truly be the greatest and the best teacher for his or her students. Yes, it is indeed possible when all it takes is a bunch of everything – time, effort, passion, dedication, commitment, and enough good music teachers’ resources. So, be a great teacher today, enjoy the fun, and be more inspired. Let’s spread the good news as it really pays a lot to teach music to happy and inspired students. Good luck!

Teach music with this music teacher’s software and see how it can help you manage your private studio. – Earl Marsden

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Teaching Piano: Both a Passion and a Profession

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Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance.  In teaching we rely on the “naturals,” the ones who somehow know how to teach.  – Peter Drucker

How do you tell other people about how good and fun teaching piano can be? How are your experiences in educating young minds and making them understand and love music forever? Do you wish to love music teaching more and keep yourself motivated? Well, this post will help you figure things out and discern over some things with regard to your passion and profession – music teaching.

Music and piano teachers alike tend to put in lots of their time, efforts and resources just to attain professional growth and personal satisfaction. They attend and participate in a series of professional workshops, seminars and training to equip themselves with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to become the best music teacher that they have always dreamed of.

Teaching piano and other instruments can be both rewarding and challenging; this requires a bunch of discipline, patience, flexibility and creativity to have it at its best. Especially in teaching piano to a wide variety of young learners, you need to get first their attention and interest – targeting how they can be motivated and inspired.

Teach by heart
Whenever you feel that you are teaching piano from your heart, you are indeed making a good choice. Through this, you are inspiring them to be better and aim for academic excellence. Effective teachers are different from efficient teachers. As a music teacher, you can be efficient but not effective. And if you are to ask my opinion on this, I know that many students would go for effective teachers – those who love what they do and can bring out the best in their students without even exerting much effort.

Teaching from the heart is a choice as you can do mere teaching as it has been a profession; thus, you would be happier and would appreciate it more if you teach because you are passionate of what you do.  Teaching piano by the heart is the essence of being an effective teacher.

What Should You Do?

With the confidence, competence and faith that you have within, you can always teach at your best. Remember that whatever you say or you do in front of your students can reflect who you really are as well as your beliefs, perceptions and ways of living. It is true that the bottom line and the very essence of education is empowerment. You want your students to go beyond and move forward; as the cliché goes, you can either make or break them. By spending much of their time in the music classroom or private studio with you, you may not be aware but you add to the possibilities of who they can be in time.

Motivate and Inspire Your Learners
When students are motivated and inspired, they always look forward to a new piano lesson and session with you. You would be surprised that they have become more participative, cooperative and attentive to learning how to play the piano and understanding and loving music as well.

So, make your teaching piano experiences more exciting and rewarding than ever. Teach by heart, be a blessing to most of your students and see how you can be more fulfilled each day of wonderful music and piano. Good luck and happy teaching!

Teaching piano can be more efficient and innovative with this software for music teachers. – Earl Marsden

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Teaching Music: Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow

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Do you teach music? Have you ever experienced the fun and the joy music teachers feel every time they hang out with their students in the music classroom or private studio? Do you love what you do and enjoy your music teaching experiences? Well, read on and get the motivation and the weapons that you need to be that music mentor you’ve always dreamed of.

Yes, teaching music can be so much fun, rewarding and challenging all at the same time. It is indeed a noble profession that goes beyond work, being regarded as a commitment and a vocation. As far as academic and curriculum development is concerned, music education experts and professionals tend to upgrade and enhance music teachers resources, integrate technology into teaching music, and most of all, motivate learners of the future generations to adopt, understand, enjoy and love music wholeheartedly.

The Music Teacher

An anonymous author has once said that teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions; hence, a teacher affects eternity; he can never tell where his influence stops. Well, I completely agree; a teacher educates a mind and nourishes a heart – making someone a successful individual and a better person.

Every music educator has to motivate their students to learn and understand music – inspiring them to enjoy and love its wonders, joys and fun. He or she can actually touch and change a life without even lifting a finger. By mere tapping a shoulder, saying an encouraging word, appreciating a hard work, or making your students feel that they are trusted, such acts can greatly affect their lives or even the way they think, speak, feel and live.

The Music Educational Programs and Advocacies

Education is really dynamic; it evolves and varies from one generation to another. It requires sufficient and timely development to meet the needs of the learners and to get their satisfaction – attaining academic excellence and professional fulfillment. School activities and other educational programs are anticipated to be useful, interesting, fun and useful. Innovative and creative music teaching strategies are perceived to be effective tools in making our students highly motivated. With the commitment and the desire of the concerned individuals in the academe, I am sure that the good news about teaching music can really spread like wildfire – having our learners more interested in understanding and loving music on their own.

Music, Art and Passion

Indeed, teaching music of yesterday, today and tomorrow may differ in many things; yet, one great thing remains true and proven: music as well as music teaching not only inspires creativity and academic performance, but also adopts the attitude and the belief to enjoy life at its best.

Today, dare to make a great difference in the society, take the challenge, grab the opportunity and inspire young minds. Be among those thousands of music enthusiasts who have decided to make a decision and embraced teaching music as their profession and passion, a commitment. Do something you love and enjoy doing as you would never get tired or feel bored and exhausted. After all, this may be a good place for you.

So, teach music today and enjoy tomorrow. Happy teaching!

Teaching music with this software for music teachers can save you time and efforts. – Earl Marsden

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Teach Music Today and Experience the Fun

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Are you a music lover or a music enthusiast? Do you have an ear for music and a heart to teach other the wonders and the joys of music? Do you have the passion for music and the will to make yourself be heard by other people? If yes, you might be destined to become a music teacher. This may be your calling that can really be your vocation and your commitment of a lifetime. In this post, I would help you get the desire, the motivation and the drive to make it happen – having you realize that you can teach music to day and perfectly experience the fun.

To begin with and to help you decide, here are some truths about how fun and rewarding teaching music can be. I know most music teachers out there would agree with me. Here are they:

• Teaching music is fun. It gives the music educator the opportunity to do something he or she truly enjoys without feeling bored and exhausted. Anything you love doing or passionate about is worth embracing and celebrating each day. You’ve never have a monotonous experience in the music classroom. Each day there are surprises and wonders that you and your learners would surely appreciate.

• Teaching music brings out the best in you. It allows you to be at your best in every way you can, not just as a music educator but also as a music lover and fanatic. This can also be a great avenue to share the enthusiasm and commitment you have over music and education. Expressing your very self to your students, you can get so engaged, motivated and inspired to look for the most reliable and useful music teachers resources – with the vision of helping your learners understand and love music as much as you do.

• Music teaching promotes professional growth and financial stability. With the kind of progress and development a music teacher may have in his or her chosen field, he or she can always establish a distinguished “name” in the academe or private music studio. Aside from that, if you decide to teach music, you will avail lots of benefits: training packages, great incentives and a very competitive and promising salary. With all these benefits and opportunities, I am certain that it can give you both the self-fulfillment and the financial security you have been craving for.

• Music teaching is an art that you’d surely indulge into. You need to be innovative, inventive and creative for you to be a good and effective music educator. As you can always motivate, inspire and touch the lives of your students, you need to be that versatile and flexible to be able to meet differences and highlight similarities among your students.

With these points and realizations from a music teacher like me, I am hopeful that you are now somehow decided and quite ready to teach music as it can really be both rewarding and challenging – making you keep your best foot forward and meet excellence at all times. Yes, teaching is a noble profession and so is music teaching. Teach music today and see how wonderful teaching students can be. Good luck!

Teach music with this music teacher’s software and see how it can help you manage your private studio. – Earl Marsden

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Teach Piano Today and Feel Good about Yourself

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Do you wish to enjoy and love what you do? Do you want to spread the good news about music and teach piano at the same time? Well, this post is for you. In here, you will learn some practical tips on how you can jumpstart a better career today and indulge in every piano teaching experience.

Music enthusiasts, music lovers and all those who have passion and good ear for music often know and enjoy playing various musical instruments. Whether it is wind, percussion, stringed, keyboard as well as all the other electronic musical instruments, your passion and love for this craft is indeed amazingly remarkable. Therefore, such skill and enthusiasm have to be enhanced, developed and motivated.

Why Teach Piano

Teaching how to play the piano is one of the greatest things and professions a pianist can ever do. In teaching this craft to a wide range of students, the piano teachers can practically love what they do as piano teaching can be both their profession and passion. You can enjoy each working experience as you tend to just play around with your keyboards and inspire young minds in your own ways. Generally, teaching is a very noble profession; it is more of a commitment and a vocation. That is why music and piano teachers have considered it as a very rewarding and fulfilling experience.

How to Teach Piano

Teaching piano has to be innovative and creative in approach. Piano teachers must come up with different music teaching strategies and techniques every time you set your feet in the music classroom or studio. Below are some useful tips to help you out and teach at your best.

• Learn more and understand playing the piano.

• Develop and improve your piano teaching skills as well as your playing the piano.

• Experience and explore often as you discover more techniques, trends and tactics in playing and teaching the piano.

• Always plan ahead and be at your best. Never come unprepared and unorganized.

• Learn proper time management and music lesson planning.

• Adopt better and more innovative and effective piano teaching resources.

• Interest and motivation should come from within, from you. Remember that you cannot give unto others something you do not have.

• Love what you do and teach piano by heart.

Teach Piano with the Right Motivation

However, teaching piano can be both challenging and rewarding. Thus, piano teachers must get, acquire and share the right motivation by all means. Learners of different ages can actually be highly motivated through some creative and inventive classroom activities and teaching methods. Whether you teach piano to beginners or advanced learners, you always need to share the best inputs and learning to your valued students.

On a personal note, piano teachers like us can get the satisfaction and fulfillment we truly deserve and always crave for through merely teaching piano and being a part of music education. Indeed, teaching piano lessons can possibly provide you a great source of additional income and amazingly bring joy and excitement of music into the lives of your students.

So, to all music teachers out there, teach piano today, live a better, a healthier and a happier life, and feel good about yourself. Enjoy your piano teaching experience!

Teach piano with this music teaching software and experience better studio time management, lesson scheduling, student communications and even billing. – Earl Marsden

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Teaching Piano Can Always Be Fun and Rewarding

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Teaching is believed to be one of the most noble jobs or professions around the globe. It has brought lots of satisfaction, fulfillment and joy to everyone, both on the ends of the educators themselves and their dear students. Teachers can actually touch a heart, change a life and inspire someone. Thus, teaching can be indeed both challenging and rewarding; it needs adequate knowledge, skills, experiences and continuous learning or professional growth.

The teacher himself has to find various ways to make his or her classroom more conducive for both teaching and learning. In many cases alike, teaching piano requires many great, innovative, creative and interactive tools, strategies and techniques in motivating and inspiring their students. Integrating technology has been found out to be one of the most effective ways in reaching out to a variety of students in today’s generation.

One great way is to get some good and gainful resources in teaching piano online with just a very few clicks. From many reliable music teachers websites, a piano teacher can get lots of helpful tips in bringing innovation closer to his or her students without overspending – making them realize the importance and fun of learning music and piano.

Teaching piano can never be confined in the four walls of the classroom. The piano teacher shall bear in mind that he or she has to take music education beyond traditional borders; sometimes new things and crafts would be learned, adopted, understood and acquired through some field works and adventures. Modern piano teaching can now be appreciated and enjoyed by most if not all our students. And this includes going beyond boundaries and traditional teaching.

There are various piano teaching methods; each strategy has to meet both the weaknesses and strengths of the students. Motivation is important in learning; music and piano teachers have always found better ways on how they can motivate and inspire their learners without putting the quality of music education they hand over their students.

In today’s advent of educational technology, innovative software and other related programs are evaluated and adopted to provide better music and piano education among the learners. One of these effective techniques in teaching piano is the use of innovations such as web applications, online discussions, forums and groups, software and programs that can be searched, downloaded and installed from the web to your own computers at home. This doesn’t mean that it has to be very expensive; some are even very affordable, practical and free.

With such convenience and reliability brought to us by today’s innovations, more and more are enjoying this profession, continuing to love it much, and learning from it too. Meaning, being a music educator doesn’t mean you are going to live a very boring and monotonous life; instead, you are to head towards a more challenging, fun and rewarding life. After all, teaching is not just a profession; it is a genuine and sincere vocation, a commitment that you live with, by and for.

So, teach with all your mind and heart as you will surely get what you deserve in time – the kind of joy, satisfaction and fulfillment that can never be bought, shared and stolen. As the cliché goes, teaching is the profession that teaches all the other professions. With that, teaching piano, just like any kind of education, can be so much challenging yet so good, fun and rewarding. Happy teaching, my fellow mentors!

Be more effective and innovative in teaching piano; visit this resource for music teachers. – Earl Marsden

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Music and Music Teaching: Perception by Now and Then

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Music nowadays seems to be one of the most popular hobbies that the youngsters are indulging in. For some, it may be just a pure form of entertainment or a way of living, whereas for the others, it can be a serious escape from their stressful lives. They use music as a medium of conveying their suppressed emotions. Not too surprisingly, it makes them really into music.

Because of the different influences that the youth are exposed into, they are easily acquiring the curiosity of engaging into learning music. It may not exactly be reading musical notes and the other formal stuff regarding such, but at least, something highly relevant to it like playing musical instruments or simply singing.

Before, people, specially the youth, viewed Music, a subject in their primary and secondary schooling, as a conservative and boring one. With lots of different bits and pieces that should be memorized and understood without knowing their use and purpose, music then had been a vague and dull form of school activity to do.

Perhaps, the reason is that they relate music with “church” where they usually hear the hymns and praises when they were kids. They thought music should be solemnly expressed all the time.

As these young people aged up, they began to realize how interesting music could be far from what they used to perceive. From all the different genres and styles, they found a match. I am truly glad to say that finally, they are now fascinated with music learning as well as music teaching.

Many are aware that music centers began to spring suddenly nowadays. People look for formal lessons and their aim is, of course, to learn music. They also want to develop the talents they believe they are blessed with.

Music teaching is definitely an issue when talking about learning music. Aside from being considered as something pretty difficult and tedious, many believe that it requires lots of effort, patience, and passion in doing so.

However, with the kinds of trends, technology and methods that we have right now, music teaching has become less complicated. Indeed, different resources and tools are made readily available to be an aid to anyone who has interests in music teaching. It may be through various means like seeking the help and guidance of music enthusiasts and experts, enrolling in various learning centers, reading music-related books, availing advanced music gadgets, or browsing the web.

Music teaching has been both the career and passion of many musically inclined individuals around the globe. Thus, schools of music spring forth worldwide, paving the way for music enthusiasts for greater opportunities globally. That is how powerful music and music teaching can be.

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Differences in the Resources that School and Studio Music Teachers Need

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Generally, teachers are associated with schools. These are the usual schools with students attending classes everyday with fixed schedules. They have different grade levels and diverse subjects. Schools teachers are mostly pictured in classrooms, doing lectures and giving out written tests

Among these teachers are school music teachers. But, they teach a subject basically dissimilar to other schools subjects in more ways than one. In turn, they do need unique sets of resources.

Music teachers here have a lesson plan to follow as well as a schedule on when to tackle the certain lessons. To make these lesson plans, they need resources to prepare how they would present the subject matters.

The library, most especially if there is one in their own schools, is a goldmine of resources. While the new breed of teachers can argue that this is quite old-fashioned, the library has bested the tests of times to still persist. Besides, their books are still more extensive references for a lot of topics.

Their co-teachers are also good resources. The beauty of teaching music, or any subject for that matter, in schools is you get colleagues at hand. They can be of assistance to you if you are doubtful on how to manage a certain subject matter or even a certain class. They get to share personal experiences as music teachers, and learn from the process.

You also have your superiors not only to look up to as inspirations, but also as a source of knowledge. Your immediate supervisors in that same line of subject would be more experienced and thus can provide you wise tips to improve your craft.

And though they are both music teachers, those who teach in ordinary schools have different requirements from their counterparts in private music studios. Private music studios present a highly different environment for both music teachers and the music students.

Music studios cater to students who want to learn more about music alone. In a way this makes it easier for the private teachers. The students can focus on students, and since it is a relatively smaller venue, the teachers can also focus on their students.

However, they might need more resources than the music teachers formerly defined. First, but at times overlooked, is that they are now part of the studio’s administration. They would surely be delegated clerical works. Resources they would need may involve manpower to focus on the administrative stuffs.

They can tap the vastness of the coverage of the internet for this. There are now music teachers’ resources available that directly meet the administrative needs of this profession. They could even use the internet to market or promote their studios.

But in terms of resources for the lesson proper, they have more leeway. They do not have to really follow some rules or guidelines to how and when to go about with their teachings. They can then use whatever resources that they think suit their lessons.

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So You Want to Teach Music

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Not everyone has the talent to impart knowledge; as we all know, teaching is a vocation. But what is more difficult is this: to teach another vocation. An example? Teaching music.

Music has a wide range of classifications since musical instruments are discovered or invented from time to time. And to impart the knowledge about these instruments, music teachers are called.

The art of music is a special thing. And passing on knowledge about it is a great responsibility.

There are certain characteristics, which music teachers are supposed to possess. These are attitudes and capabilities that can help them make things easier for themselves, as well as for their students.

Teachers should have at least the most basic knowledge about instruments. No one can teach if he do not know anything. This reflects their love and dedication for the art. If they would not be able to provide students with information, no one would believe them.

It is not enough that music teachers possess the characteristic above. They should also have the knowledge on fields of psychology and philosophy. Teaching music means dealing with people. And dealing with people means the ability to relate with them.

Music is a subject in which two-way interaction exists. Teachers and students must jive with each other to justify the music they are supposed to play together. Practicing psychological and philosophical techniques on students can help teachers make this interaction more possible.

Patience and understanding are two essential values, which music teachers should possess. Repeated lessons are normal. One cannot expect a student to learn music with just one session. And once a lesson is learned, it is a must that they both go back to it. It is a never-ending cycle in teaching this art. And those who lack patience and understanding cannot teach music.

Adjusting to the learning level of the students can be applied by music teachers. They should utilize the abilities of their learners in teaching. For example, a teacher is used to teaching music in a direct note-reading manner, but one of his students cannot learn through mere reading of notes unlike some others.

Perhaps, he prefers listening to what he is supposed to play first. Then, the teacher should be able to adapt to the nature of this child so he could learn, and the responsibility of the teacher be justified.

As implied in the first part of this article, music is a vocation. It is a call to people who are devoted to their craft. The desire to see their students excel most on music is one basic principle, which music teachers should have. It is not merely music lessons that they should impart, but also the love and complete dedication to the art of music.

Not everyone can teach music. Just like as it is in other fields. But things change. Who knows?

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