The Muse in Mother Nature

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By Ken Couslon of Gatsby’s Green Light

The pitter-patter of the raindrops sounds like a symphonic drum circle resonating all around me. It is here I am reminded of the inextricable link between music and nature. It was something I was first exposed to in Victor Wooten’s ‘The Music Lesson’ and something I am reminded when I spend precious moments in the woods or set foot on a farm or field with my guitar.

Music exists all around us and it is the musicians’ job to channel those vibrations he or she is able to tune into. The big ones, the ones that have been ringing out for billions of years are found in our natural environment. And they tell a story too, like all music. At once, one can tap into all creation or simply our moment in time within it.

The contours of the farmland or the rocky wooded peaks and valleys are akin to nature’s dynamic and intention, its lessons on notes and space. From what I can tell it’s a welcoming place and without it our lives, like a life without music, hold less meaning. So it would hold that in order to protect our culture, like we value or story, we must protect music and nature as two in the same.

Spreading this message in a more direct way is what we hope to do with Gatsby’s Green Light. GGL is part of a mixed media approach to promote positivity and sustainability. Like the importance of music in carrying the message, we see sustainability as an investment in every living thing. We’re not the pioneers but hopefully our project can approach people thinking on all different types of levels. We want to promote good ideas and grassroots efforts in motion as well as brainstorm big formulaic changes that can guide us to a more sustainable way of life.

Ken & Gatsby’s Green Light at Norwalk CT’s LIVE GREEN 2012’

We love connecting with a tuned in audience. It’s always easy to share our vibrations knowing that our common goals are already established. When I played to 800 at CT Northeast Organic Farmers Association’s Winter Conference I was amazed at the energy and ideas that seemed almost palpable in the sounds vibrations of the cafeteria. There the conversation, verbal and non-verbal, flows easily. We’ll hope to play up to 50 of these types of event in 2013 including farmers’ markets, green fairs, bookstores, and sustainable farms. We’ve got more solar powered shows in our future.

When we play traditional music venues our message translates in more subtle ways. I love seeing someone’s face light up when I talk about our 100% recycled download cards that are embedded with wildflower seeds. ‘Plant em after you’ve downloaded the music!” or sharing with a curious listener some of the easy community driven ways they can support sustainability and support themselves.

For more on Gatsby’s Green Light’s view on sustainable living and resources, visit us here:

OUR logo depicts the sun and the earth and the unbreakable bond between them

Of course, we hope to share and act in much bigger ways in the future. We’ve done some work understanding the energy industry and how renewable sources can and must play their part in our energy future. I am happy to talk with people at shows about what we’ve found. We’d love for our platform to grow enough to reach politicians and decision makers with these ideas. As always, we ask these folks to look to places that have made sun and wind power work and emulate their programs. Places like Germany and Sweden immediately come to mind.

If you study the problems, it becomes clear that the time for action is right now. We’re choosing music, art and literature as tools to help tells this story and hopefully reach a wider audience. But we’ll need your help. Just like the sustainable living effort itself, we need to do this together.

Ken Coulson is the founder of Sonic Bomb LLC, a mixed-media company that uses art to raise awareness about sustainable living solutions. He is an advocate of Natural Capitalism, a multi-instrument musician and is writing his first book, Annalee & The Forever Smile. His musical project is at

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