Here Comes Baby F and it Plays Well With Others

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You have a brand new guitar. One has learned C and G7 and has lovingly caressed the strings downward in a rhythmic pattern. With these two simple chords songs have been sung to all your friends. The “F” chord which would open the door to thousands of songs comes difficult for a beginner and takes time to perfect. No worries. A “Baby F” will allow access to those songs, and strength your hand and fingers in anticipation for the day that when playing the full chord of “F” becomes as easy as all the other chords.

Look down the neck of your guitar, and one will see bars evenly spaced. Slowly take your hand and go all the way to the head of the guitar. Just below the head will be a space, and then fret bar number one.  The guitar has six strings. The one closest to the head is big, ole, low note E number six. The one closest to the feet is tiny, sweet, high note E number 1. For Baby F one needs string 1 and 2.

In fret one right next to that first golden or silver fret bar place the first finger flat on both string one and two. So now one has experienced double string playing pleasure. Plus it will strengthen the member to prepare it for the rigorous ready to rock grown up F. It is important one places the thumb on the same hand in the center of the back side of the neck behind the first fret. One will need to put just the right amount of pressure from the front finger and from the back thumb. Think of it as a kneading pinch of the neck of the guitar.One will want be firm, but not too forceful. Strum four strokes down on only string 1 and 2. When the pressure is just right the strings will sing out loudly.

Adding Some Spice

Now that one has the basic strum pattern down one needs to play with a group of 3 chords. Many songs use only 3 chords; the key, the fourth and the fifth. Our key today is the key of Baby C. So the fourth is Baby F followed by the fifth which is Baby G7. Human ears love sweet whisperings or full blown exclamations of alternating 3 chords. Start with Baby C strum 4, then simply lay the first finger flat on string 1 and 2, strum 4, then pick up first finger, and place it on string one for Baby 7, strum 4.

Improving the first songs one learned comes as simple as varying the strum patterns. Make a Baby C and strum down, then immediately reverse and bring the strum up ~ down, up, down, up, down, up ~ like stroking a kitten down its back, and then ruffing the fur with a reverse stroke. Change to Baby G7 or Baby F. Go slow; speed up; slow down; then go as fast as one can.

Like anything else in life regular practice helps the learning. Twenty minutes a day done lovingly will establish a good relationship with your guitar, and he/she will return the love with amazing melodies floating in the air.  Once proficient, contact the music store for lessons on full blown chords.

Links to Adult Songs and Strum Patterns

The Internet has thousands of sites with strum patterns and chords for beginners. Check out Guitar for strum patterns for beginners. Peruse for new chords and songs. Better yet visit a music store or full service listed later in this article to get the full experience of being a guitarist.

Justin Miller is a professional blogger that writes on a variety of topics including guitar lessons. He writes for, a leading online music educator offering 2,000+ video guitar lessons in HD.


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