New Ear Training Games at Theta Music Trainer Make Music Theory Fun

May 8, 2011 at 3:53 pm | Posted in Music Teachers Resources | 1 Comment

Theta Music Technologies has unveiled three new innovative games for music lovers, along with a host of new features in the latest version of its acclaimed online ear training system Theta Music Trainer. A new personal feedback feature makes Theta Music Trainer the world’s first online ear trainer that can respond to students individually based on the results from their music games.

(PRWEB) April 21, 2011

Theta Music Technologies today added three new titles to its growing collection of music skill games, announcing the new games together with a new version of its acclaimed online ear training system Theta Music Trainer .

The new version features a Personal Trainer component, which recommends specific games and practice levels for each student, based on current skill level and previous game play. Individuals differ greatly in the specific areas of ear training that give them the most difficulty. The Personal Trainer feature helps to pinpoint these areas for each person, resulting in more efficient practice and faster improvement. With the addition of this new functionality, Theta Music Trainer becomes the first online ear training system to offer personalized feedback and recommendations based on automated analysis of game play.

Two of the new games, Dango Brothers and Speed Pitch, are designed to help students sharpen their sense of pitch and intonation. This is a vital musical skill that is required to sing on key or play an instrument in tune with others. The third game, Number Blaster, helps students acquire a basic grasp of numbers as they pertain to scale degrees and chord roman numerals. Much of music is based on numbers, with melodies and chord progressions often represented as numerical sequences.

The new version also contains several new features for music teachers, including online assignment and grade book capability. Theta Music Trainer is ideal for use in the classroom, and can also be used to supplement private instrument/voice lessons. The new version allows teachers to create homework assignments for ear training practice and view the results of each student’s game play. Students can find and complete their assignments online and receive feedback from the teacher.

Finally, along with many cosmetic improvements, the new release of Theta Music Trainer contains a Spanish mode, so that native Spanish speakers can fully enjoy the games, explanations, and other site content in their own language. Launched initially in English and Japanese, Theta Music Trainer was designed from the beginning to be multilingual, and more language translations are planned for future releases.


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