Teach Music, Motivate Your Students and Feel Rewarded

November 5, 2010 at 2:45 pm | Posted in Music Teacher Profession | 1 Comment

Most music teachers would agree that every time they teach music, they experience both the challenges and the rewards of their profession. It is also true that in this field of specialization, teaching, no one shall ever be contented with what he or she knows; therefore, continuous learning is advised. The use of innovations like those of music teaching software, music teacher websites as well as those online music teaching resources, and the integration of technology into the learning process are both encouraged among those educators who all want to effectively and efficiently teach music at all times.

Whenever you teach music, it seems that you have all the pressures unto your shoulders and everything tends to be your primary responsibility. When you teach music, it also follows that you have to motivate the students to make them learn more and keep them interested in learning the wonders of the subject itself. More so, you should instill in your learners’ minds that whatever they learn inside the classroom and the music studio must be religiously adopted, applied and practiced.

Both music and music teaching are dynamic, fun and exciting. They both have their challenges and privileges. With a very huge opportunity on making learning and teaching music more fun and interesting, music teachers can play around with wonders of music and spend more quality time with their students. With this, you go beyond or out of the box – you don’t just teach music, you enjoy music and inspire the learners in many different ways.

Some of its exciting and interesting scenarios are: Imagine chanting and playing instrument with the popular Thai Music using the vot, ponglang and the pin. Discover the diverse variety of musical styles, beats and traditions from the sparkling islands of the Caribbean Sea. Sing to the tune of Puerto Rican Aguinaldo, salsa and reggae. Reanimate the bagpipe music of the Netherlands, or be entangled with the famous epic songs of France which tackles courtly love, war and nature.

Or, travel back in time and reminisce the sentimental melody of Elizabethan music reflected in secular songs and consort; or jive to the modern tunes and fast beats of contemporary music such as pop, rap and rock. Whatever geographic identity and cultural context of these genres of music, music lovers and enthusiasts will certainly arrive at common belief and understanding – music gives life and meaning to the human identity and diversity as it can again do wonders in anyone’s life.

Despite indifferences, you and your students can meet along as both parties make the necessary actions to achieve their common goal – learn and teach music as they both enjoy what they do. With all the time, resources, efforts and hard work of the concerned parties or individuals, learning music can always be fun and rewarding – making every learner feel motivated and inspired.

So, if you are still thinking of what particular professional endeavors you are to face or what career exactly you wish to partake, it is suggested that you teach music and enjoy your love and passion for music – well, as you also establish a safer, more secured, and more stable financial freedom. Again, teach music with all your hearts as great rewards on self-fulfillment await such an innovative, a motivated and an inspired music teacher. Enjoy!

Teach music with this software in music teaching and see how it can help you manage your private studio. – Earl Marsden

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  1. Your articles are very well written. Thank you for all your wonderful insights! I am awarding you with the Versatile Blogger Award. See more about it on my blog.

    Thanks for all you do for music!


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