Why I Want to be a Piano Teacher

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I have always dreamed of becoming a piano teacher – someone who could motivate young minds, spread the good news and wonders of music and most of all, inspire and touch many people lives. And yes, I am glad that I have become a modern piano teacher who brings creativity, animation and innovation in the classroom.

Teaching is indeed a noble profession; it requires not just knowledge, expertise, skills and experiences but also the right discipline and attitude towards work, colleagues and a great number of students from time to time. Most teachers would agree if I state in here that music teaching just like teaching any other subjects really demands much of our time, effort and resources.

Undoubtedly, I love to teach piano and I love being with my students. This noble profession has been providing me both lots of challenges and rewards for more than a decade now. Fulfilled and happy, a piano teacher has always been given a chance to touch a heart and change a life. The following are some reasons why I love my being a piano teacher:

A piano teacher can do a wide variety of interesting things such as playing around with the kids, singing and dancing, having fun, and most of all, laughing out loud over some silly things. Yes, I enjoy these activities because at my age, it brings out the childhood and joyfulness in me.

A piano teacher tends to experience several great things that are irreplaceable and incomparable: happiness, motivation, commitment, excitement, pleasure and recreation in many different ways. You may feel somehow stressed out and tired for the day, still, you may feel the happiness and ending a day with this thought: you had a great day and it’s all worth your time and effort.

A piano teacher can be a very good, loving, caring and responsible parent even without getting married and/or giving birth. In a class, a piano teacher can have a bunch of sons and / or daughters in an instant. And mind you, the kind of joy and excitement they give us, piano teachers have been very rewarding and fulfilling. For a mentor, nothing can be more rewarding than a smile, a hug or a kiss from a student who learned his lessons not just on piano and music, but also in life.

A piano teacher has a great opportunity to manage his own time and resources. As music educators, we are given the privilege to use our creativity, our own piano teaching strategies, as well as our own ways and means on how we could teach piano more efficiently and effectively. With these techniques, I am certain that our dear learners would appreciate us not just as their music teachers but also as their mentors.

Needless to say, piano teaching can be a lot of fun and excitement as we, piano teachers can always enjoy and love each piano teaching experience with our students. Truly, I would forever be happy that I am a piano teacher – and yes, this is indeed my profession and my passion for a lifetime.

On this note, I hope that all piano teachers out there feel the same way as I do. Let us join hands and spread the wonders and the good news of music. Have fun!

Do you wish to be a piano teacher? Visit this music teaching blog and learn more reliable tips and resources. – Earl Marsden

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