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April 19, 2010 at 1:21 pm | Posted in Music Teachers Resources | 1 Comment

Teaching is fun. But teaching piano and music is a lot more fun. It seems to me that I just play around with my students while we learn together. I teach them how to play the piano and they teach me how to enjoy piano teaching. The kind of fulfillment I feel every time I reach out to my students either in the music classroom or studio and the fun my students experience every time they tend to appreciate my innovative and creative piano teacher’s resources seem to be more rewarding and challenging.

I always enjoy teaching them what they love and deserve through the help of some innovations that I get online. I consistently look forward to more and more free piano teacher’s resources that can bring both creativity and fun in our music studio. As a piano teacher, I feel happier and more fulfilled every time I see them smile and laugh positively over the activities we do together and the music teaching strategies I use in teaching piano.

In this post, I intend to share some useful ideas and techniques that I use in making my piano tutorials more and more enjoyable, interesting and fun – thus, making my students stay attentive, focused and participative. I hope you also find these piano teaching resources and inputs helpful and beneficial in making a happier and more conducive classroom – a perfect place to learn and teach.

I seek for more and more interactive activities online. Through various music teacher websites, I am able to meet new virtual friends who share their techniques in teaching piano. Fellow music teachers out there also give me some piano teacher’s resources and tips that I can use in the classroom. Joining online forums and discussions is a good practice; I am able to widen my social networks of music and piano teachers.

I venture into some reliable piano teacher software online. Without getting stressed out and lifting a finger, I can get the most reliable piano teachers resources from these innovations. Such web-based program has helped me in managing my class, my lessons and my daily activities without overspending.

I always bring inside something new. Creative classroom tools and materials are indeed effective and good audio-visual aids to motivate my students and make them more excited and enthusiastic to attend every piano tutorial session with me.

Whenever I teach, I try to animate. To keep them away from boredom and anxiety in the classroom, I play different roles: teacher, facilitator, performer, artist, and even their friend. This has also been a good way to bridge the gap and cross the walls in between us.

I love what I do as much as I love to teach my students how to play the piano more effectively and fun. As teaching piano has become both my passion and profession over the years, I intend to keep up these noble works and continue to inspire other music teachers out there to do the same – possessing the drive, dedication and commitment to spread the good news of music as well as teaching music.

So, what are you waiting for? Find your own piano teachers resources online and see how it can amazingly motivate and inspire you. Grab one now and keep a healthy mind and heart. Enjoy!

Visit these piano teachers resources and learn how you can take advantage of this piano teaching software. – Earl Marsden

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  1. Stumbled on this site from google, good read.

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