Teaching Piano: Both a Passion and a Profession

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Teaching is the only major occupation of man for which we have not yet developed tools that make an average person capable of competence and performance.  In teaching we rely on the “naturals,” the ones who somehow know how to teach.  – Peter Drucker

How do you tell other people about how good and fun teaching piano can be? How are your experiences in educating young minds and making them understand and love music forever? Do you wish to love music teaching more and keep yourself motivated? Well, this post will help you figure things out and discern over some things with regard to your passion and profession – music teaching.

Music and piano teachers alike tend to put in lots of their time, efforts and resources just to attain professional growth and personal satisfaction. They attend and participate in a series of professional workshops, seminars and training to equip themselves with the right skills, knowledge and attitude to become the best music teacher that they have always dreamed of.

Teaching piano and other instruments can be both rewarding and challenging; this requires a bunch of discipline, patience, flexibility and creativity to have it at its best. Especially in teaching piano to a wide variety of young learners, you need to get first their attention and interest – targeting how they can be motivated and inspired.

Teach by heart
Whenever you feel that you are teaching piano from your heart, you are indeed making a good choice. Through this, you are inspiring them to be better and aim for academic excellence. Effective teachers are different from efficient teachers. As a music teacher, you can be efficient but not effective. And if you are to ask my opinion on this, I know that many students would go for effective teachers – those who love what they do and can bring out the best in their students without even exerting much effort.

Teaching from the heart is a choice as you can do mere teaching as it has been a profession; thus, you would be happier and would appreciate it more if you teach because you are passionate of what you do.  Teaching piano by the heart is the essence of being an effective teacher.

What Should You Do?

With the confidence, competence and faith that you have within, you can always teach at your best. Remember that whatever you say or you do in front of your students can reflect who you really are as well as your beliefs, perceptions and ways of living. It is true that the bottom line and the very essence of education is empowerment. You want your students to go beyond and move forward; as the cliché goes, you can either make or break them. By spending much of their time in the music classroom or private studio with you, you may not be aware but you add to the possibilities of who they can be in time.

Motivate and Inspire Your Learners
When students are motivated and inspired, they always look forward to a new piano lesson and session with you. You would be surprised that they have become more participative, cooperative and attentive to learning how to play the piano and understanding and loving music as well.

So, make your teaching piano experiences more exciting and rewarding than ever. Teach by heart, be a blessing to most of your students and see how you can be more fulfilled each day of wonderful music and piano. Good luck and happy teaching!

Teaching piano can be more efficient and innovative with this software for music teachers. – Earl Marsden

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