Motivation: A Great Key to Effective Music Teaching

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Most music teachers always find time and take some efforts to develop their teaching methods and techniques. They want their students to become highly motivated not only to learn new tricks and trends in music but also to adopt and apply each input to real life. In this article, you will determine the keys to effective teaching as well as the perspectives and tips in music teaching.

It is true that when the curriculum is parallel and aligned with the interests, skills and abilities of the learners, learning immediately becomes enjoyable and attainable. Also, when the music teacher himself instructs and feeds his learners the right things in the right way, motivation does everything for itself.

If the students are not enjoying what they are doing, something is wrong with the curriculum, instruction or whatever it is that affects their levels of interest and motivation. Thus, you as a music teacher must know how to come up with creative, innovative and motivating activities in all your learning sessions just to keep them both intellectually and physically alive, enthusiastic and focused.

Motivation in Teaching Music
When the academic objectives are not met, lack of motivation has been the common scapegoat or an alibi of a teacher: The students are not just highly motivated. Well, that would generally mean this way: you also failed to meet your professional objectives – no learning has taken place. You also didn’t work your best to provide more enjoyable and challenging indoor or outdoor activities related to music as well as to improve your teaching strategies.

Music teachers like you should always prioritize how to draw motivation closer to your learners. As this will jumpstart overall learning, it will also be a great way to make them love music as their subject and you as their mentor. Here is how:

• Explain and discuss as if you’re just telling them a story – not making them feel tensed, anxious and bored.

• Reward. Rather than criticizing unwanted behavior or answers, reward correct behavior and answers, good performances as well as complete home works.  Emphasizing and appreciating respectively their good points automatically urges them to do the same. Remember that adults and children alike continue or repeat behavior that is rewarded.

• Be more creative, innovative and resourceful with your activities and teaching styles. Include audio-visuals to your presentations and discussions on a regular basis. Integrating technology has been found effective to motivate learners regardless of age as long as such inclusion is necessary and relevant.

• Show them that you truly care. Students respond with more interest and motivation to teachers who appear to be naturally caring and approachable. Personalizing the student-teacher relationship helps students see teachers as approachable human beings and not as aloof authority figures. You may bridge the gap in between or break the wall so as to establish camaraderie. However, you should also be aware of setting some boundaries and limitations.

More so, the first great key is to make motivation consistently reign the classroom at all times. Motivation is generally necessary in the learning process as this surely makes the students brighter, more enthusiastic, and more determined to learn. Once this is achieved, learning becomes more fun, exciting and challenging. Make your learners happy, inspired and motivated with the abovementioned tips in music teaching. Good luck!

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