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This post is exclusively intended for music teachers who are motivated and inspired to improve their teaching strategy, performance and instruction. This aims to allow many music teachers around the globe to have easy access on the latest music teacher resources, lessons, inputs and ideas on teaching this powerful craft – music.

Teaching music can be an easy and fun task for some music educators; however, it can be tough and frustrating to many others. It is true that not all students have the passion or the heart for music; not all are interested in learning it as well as in acquiring such skill and knowledge. Now, helping them become more motivated and interested has been quite a challenging job. Many music teachers use audio-visuals, integrate technology and practice collaborative learning to keep them focused and more involved in classroom activities and discussions.

Although there have been many strategies and resources available elsewhere especially online, it seems that what the students really need, want and deserve has been yet disclosed. That is why music teachers, education specialists and academicians from different nations are making researches on how to enhance teaching different genres and crafts.

Student motivation naturally has to do with students’ desire to participate in the learning process. But it also concerns the reasons or goals that underlie their involvement or noninvolvement in academic activities. Although students may be equally motivated to perform a task, the sources of their motivation may differ. That is why educators should come up with concrete and specific means to get this.

Just like in any subjects, learning requires effective teaching incorporated with creative and innovative music teacher resources, strategies and styles. However, do you know that the best way to hit your students’ interest, enthusiasm and motivation is to make them feel that they are really special? More than just effective music teacher resources, you need to acquire the heart for teaching and touching their lives.

When you tend to touch their lives, make a difference and leave a remarkable impact, you will be amazed on how I can also change their perceptions towards learning, listening, participating and attending classes regularly. Based from my own experiences in my years of teaching music, here are some ways that can surely touch a student’s heart and may even change his life forever.

• Establishing emotional connection and camaraderie in the classroom

• Appreciating excellent works, performances and the likes

• Encouraging parent support

• Affirming their strengths and developing their weaknesses

• Linking learning to students’ interests

• Promoting collaboration between school and home

• Celebrating little successes everyday

James Comer, a good psychiatrist, renowned author and education specialist, has once said that no significant learning occurs without a significant relationship. It does sound right, isn’t it? Well, as music teachers struggle and make efforts to motivate students particularly the unmotivated ones, each one of us must learn how to give rewards, incentives, praises and other means of warm appreciation. After all, changing the way how they look at themselves is as essential as great and effective music teacher resources.

More music teacher resources may be found on this music teaching website. – Earl Marsden

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Motivation: A Great Key to Effective Music Teaching

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Most music teachers always find time and take some efforts to develop their teaching methods and techniques. They want their students to become highly motivated not only to learn new tricks and trends in music but also to adopt and apply each input to real life. In this article, you will determine the keys to effective teaching as well as the perspectives and tips in music teaching.

It is true that when the curriculum is parallel and aligned with the interests, skills and abilities of the learners, learning immediately becomes enjoyable and attainable. Also, when the music teacher himself instructs and feeds his learners the right things in the right way, motivation does everything for itself.

If the students are not enjoying what they are doing, something is wrong with the curriculum, instruction or whatever it is that affects their levels of interest and motivation. Thus, you as a music teacher must know how to come up with creative, innovative and motivating activities in all your learning sessions just to keep them both intellectually and physically alive, enthusiastic and focused.

Motivation in Teaching Music
When the academic objectives are not met, lack of motivation has been the common scapegoat or an alibi of a teacher: The students are not just highly motivated. Well, that would generally mean this way: you also failed to meet your professional objectives – no learning has taken place. You also didn’t work your best to provide more enjoyable and challenging indoor or outdoor activities related to music as well as to improve your teaching strategies.

Music teachers like you should always prioritize how to draw motivation closer to your learners. As this will jumpstart overall learning, it will also be a great way to make them love music as their subject and you as their mentor. Here is how:

• Explain and discuss as if you’re just telling them a story – not making them feel tensed, anxious and bored.

• Reward. Rather than criticizing unwanted behavior or answers, reward correct behavior and answers, good performances as well as complete home works.  Emphasizing and appreciating respectively their good points automatically urges them to do the same. Remember that adults and children alike continue or repeat behavior that is rewarded.

• Be more creative, innovative and resourceful with your activities and teaching styles. Include audio-visuals to your presentations and discussions on a regular basis. Integrating technology has been found effective to motivate learners regardless of age as long as such inclusion is necessary and relevant.

• Show them that you truly care. Students respond with more interest and motivation to teachers who appear to be naturally caring and approachable. Personalizing the student-teacher relationship helps students see teachers as approachable human beings and not as aloof authority figures. You may bridge the gap in between or break the wall so as to establish camaraderie. However, you should also be aware of setting some boundaries and limitations.

More so, the first great key is to make motivation consistently reign the classroom at all times. Motivation is generally necessary in the learning process as this surely makes the students brighter, more enthusiastic, and more determined to learn. Once this is achieved, learning becomes more fun, exciting and challenging. Make your learners happy, inspired and motivated with the abovementioned tips in music teaching. Good luck!

More reliable tips in music teaching may be found on this Music Teacher’s Website – Earl Marsden

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Music Teachers Resources: A Step Closer to Highly Motivated Students

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Do you have what it takes to be tagged as an effective and efficient music teacher? Do you consistently get your students’ enthusiasm over learning new tricks and ideas on music? Do you know how to make them hooked and determined in pursuing arts and music either as their profession or as their passion? Well, in here, you will learn some inputs on various music teachers resources so as how to create and mold highly motivated learners.
A music teacher like you always intends to improve teaching strategies and techniques to effectively acquire students’ attention, curiosity, interest and motivation. Either, he browses the web, makes rigid and reliable researches, attends seminars, conferences and workshops, or participates in different online forums and discussions, all these efforts fall into one definite objective: to achieve professional growth and fulfillment.
Educators in different fields should always remember to create motivation in the classroom – either through interactive activities or fun discussions and lectures. Getting your students’ attention is not enough; they may always appear or seem listening – pretending that they are paying much attention over some things in a particular session but definitely without comprehension and understanding. Indeed, motivation in the learning process is a necessity.
In any educational institutions, the administrations and the educators themselves must learn how to naturally inculcate and integrate motivation in the learning process. Student motivation particularly intrinsic motivation, which refers to such urge and perseverance from oneself, has been believed to be a crucial part of the learning process. However, once this is effectively acquired and practiced, the learning accordingly becomes continuous, improved, interesting and enjoyable.
Though they say it takes two to tango, you as a music teacher take a major and vital role in this endeavor – taking much responsibility for its success. You must develop and encourage classroom motivation – finding more creative and innovative ways to motivate your students achieve and work hard to meet their potentials, goals and dreams. 
In music teaching, you must understand that not all students are interested in learning music or even have the heart for music itself. Therefore, you have to accept that it does demand much patience, discipline and determination on your end. 
More so, there have been many ways to establish motivation in the classroom. First, give your student some good chances to make personal choices and decisions. Though they still should be guided, you may give them a little space and freedom to set some objectives, options and alternatives on their own. 
When they think you support them all the way while they never feel neglected and suppressed, they can establish within themselves the kind of confidence, self-esteem and camaraderie they intend to. When they are able to complete assignments, tasks and activities that they think are complex and relatively new, they instantly feel good about themselves.
Consequently, music teachers are encouraged to relate each lesson and task to real life situations. On this light, giving them such appreciation, acknowledgment and incentives can indeed be a very good motivational technique. Reward instead of punishment is believed to create a more positive and productive result. Music students tend to look forward to achieving such incentives and rewards – making them more excited to accomplish anything in relation to their music classes and academic performances.
Furthermore, motivation should be established not only among learners but also among educators of music. So, learn, adopt and practice more motivating music teachers resources today and see how it can change each teaching and learning experience.

Learn more credible and reliable music teacher’s resources, visit this music teaching website. – Earl Marsden

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Make Your Students Enjoy Learning with These Music Teaching Tips

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Are you a dedicated and inspired music teacher? Do you wish to be remembered by your students as a mentor who has unique and enjoyable teaching strategies? If yes, well, you better make more effort now to venture and engage into a more flexible, student-centered and effective music teaching resources and methods. After all, you will be pleased and overwhelmed with the positive results this may bring as your students get themselves more hooked and excited to attend each of your music classes.

Both music teaching and learning should be fun and exciting. Once a student or a teacher gets bored – feeling that the process has become monotonous day in and out, the academic objectives are not met and the educational purposes are also not served. With this scenario, it will be helpful and practical if there will be fun, innovative and interactive and techniques of teaching music that can surely make learning more productive and fruitful in many ways. As most if not all music teachers around the globe aim to teach and mold active, creative and cooperative students, these music teaching tips are believed to be of great help.

Innovative and Interactive Music Teaching

These music teaching tips involve the integration of technology in each lesson as long as these innovative teaching tools are necessary and relevant. Inclusion of technology in the learning process has been found effective as it hits and targets both the curiosity and interest of the learners. Innovation in an educational setting is widely known as an aid that includes the use of high-tech gadgets, applications and software in teaching – maximizing the use of Internet in the classroom setting.

More so, music teaching is believed to be more appealing to students if they regularly practice and utilize online communication and interaction. As music teachers, you may expose them to online video streaming as they will be uploading their musical pieces, performances, recitals as well as their other musical exercises and activities on the web. You may also get them used to blogging and open to other social networks that can make them establish a good communication line among their classmates and other music students from different places. Truly, these can also be great ways to motivate and inspire them to do more and excel.

To make each student more interested and determined, the music teacher must know how to facilitate and deliver each topic effectively without making his learners experience boredom, pressure or anxious. They say that an effective teacher inspires them to engage and enjoy each classroom activity. He has to bridge the wall between him and his students yet still manage to draw a line for limitations, rules and policies.

Remember that when you are able to do this, you are a certified music teacher not just by profession but also by heart. So, to all inspired and dedicated music teachers out there, hope that these music teaching tips have helped you to continue making a difference specifically on your students’ perceptions towards learning music. Cheers!

Learn more credible and useful music teaching tips; visit this website for music teachers. – Earl Marsden

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Innovative Music Teachers Resources

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Innovation in teaching music is generally regarded as the successful introduction of a new thing or method as well as the combination or synthesis of knowledge in original, relevant and significant new products, processes or services related to music instruction and learning. Typically, innovation involves both creativity and effectiveness. Creative teaching techniques must not affect the way music sessions and lessons are being taught and handed to students.

Educators and music teaching experts believe that innovative music teachers resources are indeed effective and beneficial in motivating their students. Most of them even reiterated that these music teachers resources that include innovative and creative strategies are most appealing and interesting to learners. Their levels of motivation and enthusiasm will surely increase as they get more excited to attend each music class.

Innovative music teachers resources enable the students enjoy each session while learning and acquiring new ideas and skills in music. When technology, internet, use of blogs and online research and communication, as well as innovative musical tools and instruments are incorporated into the learning process, students always look forward to attend and eventually excel in class. Integration of technology into music education has been proven effective and operative over the years – making the teachers and students enjoy each experience.

There have been many different innovative products and services on teaching music made readily available worldwide. Therefore, a music teacher just needs to spot for the most suitable and reliable aid or tool in making your teaching methods more loved and appreciated by students.

Below are some innovative and creative ideas that may be of great help to you, dedicated and inspired music teachers:

  • Integrating technology – use of electronic mails, blogs, online research and the likes are strongly encouraged. Thus, maximum supervision and guidance are also advised as these innovative ways may risk the students and somehow expose them in such liberated society.
  • Cooperative learning – students working as groups or teams heading towards one goal can bring them closer to building self-confidence and establishing camaraderie. Yet, remember that when integrating cooperative or collaborative learning strategies into a course, careful planning and preparation are essential.
  • Hands-on Learning Activities – knowing your students by name gives them a kind of feeling that makes them more special – you taking some effort to memorize and know their names. When you give an activity, try to get closer to each student. Tapping their back and stroking their hair embedded with praises and appreciations as well as kind and motivating words indeed play a vital role. Personalizing your teaching approaches will surely make a great impact on the learning process itself.

The abovementioned strategies will definitely assure such quality of music education to your students as they also give in much of their interest, time and hard work into it – trying to love music more. Music teachers resources like these accredit the future of the learners, which include the adaptability to meet students’ changing learning styles, and create opportunities to develop life-long learning strategies.

So, to all music teachers out there who have devoted and committed their precious time, countless effort and hard works, congratulations; not all can possibly do that. You all deserve such recognition and acknowledgment for putting in your heart into teaching – molding young minds and touching many lives. Cheers!

Avail the most innovative music teacher’s resources on the internet; visit this website for music teachers. – Earl Marsden

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