Resources for Music Teachers: Now Available in Some Websites

March 4, 2009 at 4:30 pm | Posted in Music Teachers Resources | 2 Comments

Music teachers must always update their resources so as to make such teaching strategies consistently effective to all learners of different ages and personalities. One efficient resource for music teachers is such teaching techniques, which are found in some reliable websites nowadays.

In this article, you will learn those teaching strategies and find great help in minimizing those headaches in terms of finding some innovative and valuable techniques.

Reliable Websites Provide Good Teaching Strategies
There are some websites that are considered great for music teachers like you. These online references offer a wide array of music games and composing programs that includes opportunities to compose, mix and edit tracks and send them off to your accounts or studios directly. These fun activities and games will develop the children’s musical and listening skills, stories and songs.

Evidently, there are many easy-to-navigate sites that can provide you with the right information as well as examples of musical instruments, ideas for teaching traditional notation, and information on musical styles – giving links to other music education sites. Also, other objective sites offer lesson plans, worksheets and resources for music along with parent and/or teacher specific and necessary data.

Consequently, downloadable music teaching resources include updated and effective music curriculum, articles on latest researches and issues on music education, as well as other notes and features, which music teachers can surely appreciate and use everyday.

There are also some helpful sites that encourage children to improvise musical sequences as it has been regarded as one of the vital factors for young children to enjoy music. This can certainly be a child-friendly interface that boosts their self-confidence and invites further motivation without feeling isolated or threatened.

Young children can enhance their imagination by combining sound with pictures. Hence, through many unique and creative strategies such as writing pages, integrating musical games as well as using multiple media to express themselves can be a very good ground for both learning and fun.

There can also be loads of creative musical activities such as creating a recording studio, sequencing sounds, singing along to songs, playing along with a band and composing their own music. Thus, mini posters for the musical elements containing key musical vocabulary can be downloaded or printed anytime for classroom use. Coming up with colorful, bright and good visuals can really catch both the attention and the interests of your students in music as these features tend to drive away boredom and monotony.

Use of multi-media and technology in teaching music can be a great idea in getting students’ interest and motivation at the same time. In fact, there is an exciting concept aimed at widening access to musical excellence through the production of revolutionary interactive learning materials. These materials will offer a full ‘hands on’ practical exploration of an aspect of music from a computer workstation, integrating performance, composition and aural perception. Such virtual learning environment indeed makes a mere four-walled classroom into a place where students can enjoy the fun of learning music.

Having such easy access on online resources, music teachers nowadays can enjoy such convenience of getting in touch with a number of effective teaching strategies suitable for today’s generation of learners. Moreover, they can integrate technology into their way of teaching music without any fuss or hassle. With these points, I know that your students can surely look forward to learning the subject and most of all, love music as a whole.

More credible resources for music teachers can be found on this music teachers website.

Music Teachers Hub



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  1. Thanks – this was an interesting article. Recently, I found a great resource online – you might be surprised. It’s a guide that says it can teach someone piano in 3 hours or less – I was intrigued so I tried it out and it was fabulous. My 12 year old WAS playing. So – I thought I would pass it along because it really was fun and simple.

    here are the details – “Learn the Piano More Quickly” by Sebastian Mitchell and I ordered here – And you get it right away in your email. Highly recommend it.

    Thanks for this post – I love reading about all ideas out there.

    • Hi Rachael,

      I saw your posting about _Learn the Piano More Quickly_ and you seem to be pretty happy with it. What is it you like most about it???

      Many thanks in advance. Cheers


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