Music Education Resources and Tips for Teachers

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Music education has been included in many curricula in different nations around the globe. However, since not all students are musically-inclined, not all of them are motivated to learn music. As a result, they are no longer excited to experience formal music schooling inside their classrooms. With this conflict of interests, music teachers are then challenged or pressured on how they could make their students learn and love music at the same time.

To basically adhere to the problem, they are determined to research the latest music teachers’ resources. Since both teaching and learning are two dynamic processes, music teachers and their students should meet half way – adjusting to the kind of individuals they are.

And because they are up to music education, these music teachers need to update their lists and records with the most modern trends and techniques, which are believed to be very effective and influential with the kind of students they have right now. From time to time, there could have been new music teachers’ resources that could improve their teaching strategies as well as their way of relating to their dear students.

Today, music educators incorporate theories and application to give a well-rounded musical experience and to teach music in various perspectives intended for international understanding. To meet many demands and expectations of their students, music teachers keep on upgrading their available music teachers’ resources by doing some researches over the Internet. In just a matter of few clicks, they would be aware of what is really the latest in the music academe as well as the newest style and approach in teaching that they can utilize in their everyday instruction.

The perceived effort to enhance music teachers’ resources also results in a greater number of students, who are now more motivated and determined to learn and love music. When their music teachers use some personal touches as part of their resources – sharing their own insights, thoughts and experiences on a particular topic, the learners become more eager to attend to their music classes and listen to their classroom discussions. This happens simply because they feel that they have something to relate to and such experience could also happen to them in time.

Indeed, teaching and learning music can be both fun and enjoyable. Just like in real life and in our daily activities, when we integrate music into anything that we do, it amazingly turns out to be more special and a lot of fun. After all, music gives most of us such inspiration and motivation to look forward to something better and brighter. Love music and enjoy tomorrow.

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Resources and Tips for Music Teachers with Special Learners

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Music lovers and enthusiasts have all the rights to learn their chosen musical instrument despite of their impairment, as long as such will not completely forbid them to play such. Various tips and instructional guides are available on the internet and some libraries that will give music teachers the resources to be effective in handling special learners.

Let us say in the case of Andrea Boccelli, a great tenor and musician who was diagnosed with glaucoma and lost his sight at an early age of fourteen; if not for his music teacher, we might not hear his tranquil and heart warming voice. More so, he reached success in music because he had such self-motivation and certain love for music. And these had made it all possible.

Generally speaking, special learners are regarded as those students, who either have cognitive, physical, mental or social abilities and disabilities. These groups of special individuals are faced with different learning challenges. However, through the professional assistance of music teachers and enthusiasts as well as effective and efficient music teachers’ resources, they are able to comprehend, adopt and adjust to such learning situations. Also, acquisition of skills and knowledge has been possible through these resources for music teachers.

Great examples of music teachers’ resources are those from the Internet such as tips and inputs from various music teacher sites, personal experiences of the music lovers and experts themselves, other extensive techniques and methods of music teachers, and some findings from different music researches. When music teachers are in need of such reliable and effective resources, they may adopt any of those mentioned sources and make each a part of their music teaching strategies.

Music teachers’ resources truly come in variation. You may actually choose from different available resources nowadays. However, you have to bear in mind that it takes a lot of analysis and discernment to find out which among those resources would be appropriate and effective for each special learner. Remember that as a music teacher, your role does not end in mere teaching music but most of all, in making them discover their talents and feel that they are treated as typical and average students.

Though it may be quite difficult to deal with special learners, music teachers will then feel and realize that teaching them can be very rewarding. Your time, efforts and hard works will soon pay off especially if you have seen your learners succeed and unleash their music talents and inclinations.

Furthermore, when these special learners tend to appreciate their music teachers, have made them their real mentors, and have considered them as their source of motivation and inspiration, these music educators can proudly say that being one has been a blessing, thus gives them such feelings of fulfillment and self-worth.

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Music Teaching Tips that Work

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Most of us music teachers aim to offer the best services to our students and let them learn their chosen instruments in the most efficient manner. Having a good teaching strategy will not only give your students fun learning experience but it will also earn you respect in the field. Thus, I have listed some music teaching tips that will enable you to teach your students effectively.

* Target both your students’ minds and bodies – Especially if your students are still young, you must understand that they may need a combination of physical and mental exercises and activities in learning. Aside from the fun it may bring to them, the possibility of understanding and recalling the lesson you are teaching may also increase.

* Learn how to energize students during boring moments – there will always be some instances wherein you have to discuss some important topics that are somewhat uninteresting to your students. These may lead to an inattentive class or worse, a sleeping class. Being observant and flexible is important to bring back a lively discussion. Why not ask them to do some stretching or tell some old jokes. Detaching fro the lesson plan for some minutes is better that to teach a daydreaming class.

* Provide your students with the best facilities – this is not one of my music teaching tips but rather it is your key to attract more clients and students. If your students learn and practice their instruments comfortably, you may not need to explain some lessons further. Your students may have greater determination and urge to learn any lesson.

* Give commendations to well-doers – giving applause for those who excel and have positive attitudes in the class will even boost their moral. This might as well motivate all the others to exert their efforts in learning their instrument and join those who have earned commendations.

* Treat slow-learners and wacky students positively – a class includes students with a variety of learning capacities and attitudes. Slow-learners and problem students must not be treated differently. Always remember that music teaching does not only involve explaining music lessons but instilling positive personality to each of your students.

These music teaching tips may vary depending on the circumstances. Private music teachers with fewer students may have an easier time handling their students. But then again, for those who may find these tips effective, please do your part and let other music teachers know about it.

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The Role of Media in Music Teaching

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Media and arts influence our society in ways we are often not aware of. Growing up surrounded by television, radio, and movies, we often take the images and information they present for granted. Do you ever stop to think about how your interests have been shaped by what you see and hear through electronic media? Have you ever pondered on how your taste in music or arts developed?

Now, more than ever, the possibility of finding almost any information we are researching for is in media. Various sources such as newspaper, radio, television, Internet, and many others, are available almost anywhere.

Different forms of media, indeed, have become a part of everyone’s life. They shape and sometimes dictate or dominate our culture and interests. The mass media is undeniably of great impact to the society as it instills information in our minds that we use in our daily living.

Mass media has different roles in the society. One of these is its substantial role in the music industry.

How do people become interested in music? What makes them sing or become interested in playing musical instruments?

The answers to the questions mentioned rely to role the media plays in the music scene. Music is heard through the radio; thus, it triggers the music interests of its listeners.

Have you watched any television programs that involve competitors aiming for a singing title or a television singing program that shows the training of the contenders?

Television programs like what I have mentioned are usual these days. We expect music to be played only in the radio but with media around, proliferation of music through television and the Internet (singing competitions, music videos, etc.) are also possible.

Having said much of the possibilities that the media can bring to people, it largely contributes to the music teaching aspect of the industry. Media instruments, such as those mentioned earlier, are highly considered as music teacher resources for it supplies them information regarding music.

There are television programs that show trainings and rehearsals of the candidates. Through this, they can share to the viewers the different techniques of developing their singing talents. Few of these techniques that I have watched are the facial exercises done before the proper singing so as to relax the muscles that affect voice belting. Maintaining proper posture and body alignment while singing are also observed. Air supply is very important to reach low and high notes, and many others.

In general, music teacher resources can mostly be found through media in the form of visuals and audios. Other music teacher resources include personal encounters of music teachers during their classes, and those that are not in media forms.

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Music Teaching Tips based on My Experience

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I would probably say that I was not the only one, who got bored looking at musical notes during a Music class years ago. Perhaps, it is because children just do not get fascinated with pages of lines and notes, colored black and white. Now, that I am no more a kid, I admit that it’s still dull to look at those stuffs and I still feel the same way.

I have nothing against reading musical notes but I would just rather sing than struggle dealing with such complicated matters. Music teaching tips might help me learn music easier, but I would also need of a very patient teacher to assist me so.

When I was in grade school, I used to be a member of a drum and lyre band. I experienced playing both the lyre and the drums and found the latter easier. However, I ended up playing the lyre. It was fun especially when we won awards in exhibition competitions. We also did caroling during Christmas holidays and played in different events and occasions.

I enjoyed playing those instruments although there were times I got embarrassed when I made mistakes. There came some instances when I escaped attending band practices because I knew I would be called by our bandmaster. I did not like the feeling of receiving special attention. Worst, I got such because I messed up.

We had our band practices a group at a time. Usually, the lyrists practiced first then the drummers, or otherwise. Then, we played in a classroom as a whole – all together. Our bandmaster used different music teaching tips and strategies to help us learn music pieces easily. What was remarkable to me was that of Psychology’s Operant Conditioning.

Does it ring a bell? Or does it sound unique? I somehow have a clue how Music is related to Psychology but the other way around, I am not really sure. But I can say it was effective in my case.

Our bandmaster gave us two options: (1) we had to perform in our exhibition drills as if we were in the actual competition-meaning having minimal mistakes as possible- so we could get home early. We used to have practices a couple of whole consecutive days and those were really exhausting; or (2) he would pull our sideburns for every mistake we would commit. The former condition is a ‘reward’ while the ‘latter’ is a punishment. Of course, we would go for the reward. After all, who would want to be punished?

There are lots of accessible music teaching tips and strategies anywhere. You can look for books at the nearest bookshop from your home or visit a fellow music enthusiast and ask for useful tips. Also, you can surf the Internet for easier access of general or specific information.

(This article was written by a friend named Morgan Hall)

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The Lead of Music Teaching Resources Today

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Have you experienced holding a guitar or any musical instruments? Do you know something about it aside from its being a musical instrument? Do you know how to play it? Or have you asked a friend to tutor you and yet you see yourself so upset because you can’t still figure out how it goes?

For those who have just acquired the interest in music as well as for those who have been music enthusiasts for quite a long time, you should not worry anymore! There are abundant resources available in the present that can be used to learn music easily.

Afar from the traditional way of teaching music which is purely theoretical, it evolves from a complex approach to a more practical type. Such happens with the help of the advanced technology.

Consequently, there are new trends of teaching and learning music as well as those musical instruments. One is by utilizing advanced music teaching gadgets, which are considered as some of the most useful music teaching resources nowadays.

For an instance, there is this digital piano that lights its teeth up while playing a recorded music piece. The user will just have to press the keys that light and in an instant – he can now play a music piece with his high-tech keyboard. It is no wonder how these gadgets brought an enormous impact to the music industry!

It is also true that the Internet can also be one of the helpful music teaching resources at the present. One can simply know more about the latest gadgets, updated inputs and much innovation by just browsing the net with some few clicks. That surely makes such easy access to music teaching resources. Now, isn’t it really amazing?

The web or the Internet is highly regarded as an effective medium to provide a wide scope of information in almost any subjects. It is renowned globally for it caters to the need of everyone especially in terms of communication and research. Undoubtedly, it is another functional music teaching resource; certainly, something that music educators can exploit with when it comes to obtaining music teaching strategies.

Most music teaching resources in the recent past such as books and fellow music teachers seem to be just references while these new advanced ones are combined ‘references’ with great  ‘advantages’ and accessibility.

With this channel, burden in teaching is almost eliminated or lessened by web and online venture on the part of music educators. As a result, they can easily download activities, quizzes, and games to be used as their teaching instruments and techniques – unlike before when they needed to improvise on their own.

On the other light, students can learn music and other related matters on their own. They can surely enjoy music more while learning it with interactive activities online. As they put in their full attention into it and be able to give in time and effort, these kinds of innovative activities truly promote both rational and creative thinking.

The new technology of music – teaching and learning – is definitely more effective than those conventional ones.

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What Music Teaching Institutions Mainly Offer

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Music teaching tips should be accurate and precise at all times. No matter how great or little they can be, they should serve their purpose of helping the recipient get the improvement and growth they truly deserve.

The earliest music was probably connected to religion according to historians. Long ago, people believed the world was controlled by a variety of gods. Keeping the gods happy was deemed very important to survival. Singing was among the first things humans did to show respect to their so-called gods.

Singing is still an important part of most religions. Buddhists, Christians, and Jews all use chants and/or songs in their religious ceremonies. The Christian Bible instructs those who love God to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord…” and other religions provide similar instructions. If you have ever sung a song – religious or otherwise – you know that singing is fun. The feeling of joy that comes from singing must also have made ancient people feel happy.

Singing was also done before with different activities. Another time people sang was when they worked. One of the best examples is the mining activity of Snow White’s seven dwarfs. Soldiers likewise sang as they marched into battle. Farmers sang one song as they planted and another when they harvested. Singing made the work less burdensome. People used the tunes to pace themselves. Sometimes, they followed instructions through songs.

Music brings entertainment so as singing. Today’s singing compared to ancient times’ is more polished – from an a cappella to a more different singing accompanied by musical instruments. With a tradition conventionally taught by the ancient people to many generations, music schools provide advanced teaching principles and learning techniques to aspirant musicians and singers. If before, it was purely imitating the ways of the elders; now, developing your own creative style through music teachers is highly recognized and appreciated.

These music schools or centers use music teaching tips so they can simply help their students learn music. Music teaching tips tackle the different ways of furnishing music knowledge to students in the perspective of the educators. Music learning has always been easy with the help of the people who know more about it – the music teachers. Certainly, that what music schools mainly offer.

The advantage of readily available music teaching tips is that teachers do not have to improvise teaching techniques to their class. The tips themselves are techniques and just have to be enhanced for outputs that are more effective. These music teaching tips focus mainly in playing instruments, singing, and other related topics.

It can be said that ‘music teaching tips’ are also ‘music learning tips’ for when teaching is learned, learning is most likely to follow.

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Music and Music Teaching: Perception by Now and Then

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Music nowadays seems to be one of the most popular hobbies that the youngsters are indulging in. For some, it may be just a pure form of entertainment or a way of living, whereas for the others, it can be a serious escape from their stressful lives. They use music as a medium of conveying their suppressed emotions. Not too surprisingly, it makes them really into music.

Because of the different influences that the youth are exposed into, they are easily acquiring the curiosity of engaging into learning music. It may not exactly be reading musical notes and the other formal stuff regarding such, but at least, something highly relevant to it like playing musical instruments or simply singing.

Before, people, specially the youth, viewed Music, a subject in their primary and secondary schooling, as a conservative and boring one. With lots of different bits and pieces that should be memorized and understood without knowing their use and purpose, music then had been a vague and dull form of school activity to do.

Perhaps, the reason is that they relate music with “church” where they usually hear the hymns and praises when they were kids. They thought music should be solemnly expressed all the time.

As these young people aged up, they began to realize how interesting music could be far from what they used to perceive. From all the different genres and styles, they found a match. I am truly glad to say that finally, they are now fascinated with music learning as well as music teaching.

Many are aware that music centers began to spring suddenly nowadays. People look for formal lessons and their aim is, of course, to learn music. They also want to develop the talents they believe they are blessed with.

Music teaching is definitely an issue when talking about learning music. Aside from being considered as something pretty difficult and tedious, many believe that it requires lots of effort, patience, and passion in doing so.

However, with the kinds of trends, technology and methods that we have right now, music teaching has become less complicated. Indeed, different resources and tools are made readily available to be an aid to anyone who has interests in music teaching. It may be through various means like seeking the help and guidance of music enthusiasts and experts, enrolling in various learning centers, reading music-related books, availing advanced music gadgets, or browsing the web.

Music teaching has been both the career and passion of many musically inclined individuals around the globe. Thus, schools of music spring forth worldwide, paving the way for music enthusiasts for greater opportunities globally. That is how powerful music and music teaching can be.

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Various Resources for Music Teachers

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Music teaching, do these words ever hit your mind? Some music teachers and learners may find it so simple yet others may consider it quite complicated. I know you would ask me why, right? It is because not all are interested in music and not all are motivated to learn and teach such. Well, I guess as a music teacher, you can only be good at that if you can encourage your students to learn music by heart – making it both their profession and passion.

Being a music teacher does not just require the knowledge of basic singing or playing musical instruments but also the capability of the person to draw students to enthusiasm for music. Of course, music teachers themselves should also possess the skills on determining the students’ capabilities and hidden talents.

However, there are some music teachers’ resources that will cite some techniques on how to modify and improve students in the most effective ways. Some can actually be found in books that are specialized in teaching music. Others are from websites having particular forums dedicated to music. Which-of-which will be better than having no resources at all.

On the other hand, music teachers’ resources are very useful and beneficial not only to one field of music but also in a wide variety. A music teacher must also know what type of student he or she has since learning also varies by age, for example.

Young students start learning music in the forms of nursery rhymes. Thus, they can also be further nourished by different musical games or activities suited for their age and interests. At this early stage, teachers can identify most of the children’s capabilities and talents.

On the other hand, older students may learn how to sing and play complex musical instruments. Furthermore, they can also be asked to compose their own music as part of the developmental process.

Some articles or books are very particular on giving some advices and tips on how to make the students more enthusiastic in learning music. Hence, strategies are very important for it will be the determining factor of your effectiveness and efficiency as a teacher. Either theoretical, practical or both, a teacher must be competent and precise to what he or she is teaching. This is where effective music teacher’s resources set in.

Most of the music teachers’ resources today introduce gadgets to make the jobs of the teachers more convenient and effortless. Learning through these resources will certainly be a fun way of learning music. These gadgets can make both the learning and the training more interactive and hands-on.

Nowadays, music teachers’ resources are important factors in teaching music effectively and efficiently. After all, learning is a continuous process that should be both enjoyed by the students and the teachers.

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