You and Your Students can be Your Music Teaching Resources

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Teaching is a vocation. More than a profession, it is a vocation. They do not earn as much as surgeons. They may not necessarily be as smart as rocket scientist. But their passion for what they do makes them as great, or even greater, than these revered professionals.

Music teachers, especially, put so much passion and dedication to their craft. They could not possibly teach music to students, when many of them are disinterested, if they do not possess these values. These same values will lead to a domino effect, driving music teachers to be more resourceful in their teaching methods.

Just like any other teacher, they need resources to help them in music teaching. There is actually a lot music teaching resources, which can be unbeknownst to both music teachers and non-teachers alike. It is up to the teachers to find, or even discover them.

The arts exercises our creativity. It is thus not surprising that we find the most creative teaching techniques from music teachers. Music teachers must not be too bookish. Music is an abstract subject. It does not rely heavily on theories or formula. It is best applied, seen, heard…to be appreciated, and, better yet, to be learned.

Educators can find resources for teaching from their own abilities. A skill in playing an instrument can be shared to the students. This could be a means to reach out to the students. This may represent a hand, reaching out to them.

Sharing what you know to them could possibly prick their interest in the subject. It would also create a personal relationship between the teachers and the students. Putting emotions in the middle of a seemingly professional connection may seem inappropriate. But emotions are part of arts. Arts are appreciated, and even moved, by emotions.

In turn, teachers can look at their students as resources to assist them in teaching music too. As much as students learn from their teachers, teachers can very well learn from their students too.

They may have an innate talent that you could tap, and you can even learn from them. They may have ideas that may seem new and far out to you at first. But if it would not hurt to try, why not try?

Music educators can also learn not only from their students’ skills and intellect, but also from their personalities as well. It is vital to teaching, even to music teaching, that teachers know how to deal with their students, all sorts of students. Both the excelling and problematic students could teach a thing or two, or more, to improve a teacher’s character and teaching methods.

Music teachers can find answers to what they need to be efficient in their teaching. But they do not always have to look at the conventional things. The books do not have all the answers. Even the internet. Sometimes, the answers lie in ourselves, and in the persons we interact with.

For more music teaching resources, log on to Music Teachers Helper blog.


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