You and Your Students can be Your Music Teaching Resources

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Teaching is a vocation. More than a profession, it is a vocation. They do not earn as much as surgeons. They may not necessarily be as smart as rocket scientist. But their passion for what they do makes them as great, or even greater, than these revered professionals.

Music teachers, especially, put so much passion and dedication to their craft. They could not possibly teach music to students, when many of them are disinterested, if they do not possess these values. These same values will lead to a domino effect, driving music teachers to be more resourceful in their teaching methods.

Just like any other teacher, they need resources to help them in music teaching. There is actually a lot music teaching resources, which can be unbeknownst to both music teachers and non-teachers alike. It is up to the teachers to find, or even discover them.

The arts exercises our creativity. It is thus not surprising that we find the most creative teaching techniques from music teachers. Music teachers must not be too bookish. Music is an abstract subject. It does not rely heavily on theories or formula. It is best applied, seen, heard…to be appreciated, and, better yet, to be learned.

Educators can find resources for teaching from their own abilities. A skill in playing an instrument can be shared to the students. This could be a means to reach out to the students. This may represent a hand, reaching out to them.

Sharing what you know to them could possibly prick their interest in the subject. It would also create a personal relationship between the teachers and the students. Putting emotions in the middle of a seemingly professional connection may seem inappropriate. But emotions are part of arts. Arts are appreciated, and even moved, by emotions.

In turn, teachers can look at their students as resources to assist them in teaching music too. As much as students learn from their teachers, teachers can very well learn from their students too.

They may have an innate talent that you could tap, and you can even learn from them. They may have ideas that may seem new and far out to you at first. But if it would not hurt to try, why not try?

Music educators can also learn not only from their students’ skills and intellect, but also from their personalities as well. It is vital to teaching, even to music teaching, that teachers know how to deal with their students, all sorts of students. Both the excelling and problematic students could teach a thing or two, or more, to improve a teacher’s character and teaching methods.

Music teachers can find answers to what they need to be efficient in their teaching. But they do not always have to look at the conventional things. The books do not have all the answers. Even the internet. Sometimes, the answers lie in ourselves, and in the persons we interact with.

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Possible Resources for Music Teachers

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Music has always been a part of our lives. There always seem to be songs that bring you back to a time of your life. Personally, I grew up every morning to the “old” rock songs my uncle always listened to.

Though rock music did not turn out to be my genre, still those mornings waking up to music instilled in me a love for music. Becoming a musician and music teacher became both choice and destiny.

I discovered when I finally set out to be a music teacher, was that I needed a loads of resources to make me efficient. Fortunately, I was able to find what I need, sometimes through friends, from sheer resourcefulness out of my personal experience in music, and, well, the internet!

The advantage of being an insider in the world of music is that I have made connections even before I started my own studio. My exploit as a choir conductor gave me the chance to meet many other music teachers and proprietors.

Indeed, their personal stories actually partly pushed me into teaching music full-time. Their tips served as my guide when I was still starting. Because of them, I was not as surprised as I could have been regarding the arduous tasks music teachers have.

One of the most important things they told me was the administrative parts of starting a music education business. What permits to get and where or from whom to get them. They also gave ideas of what type of locations are conducive to practice and to market a music studio.

My personal experiences as a choir conductor also helped a lot. Not only did I get to have the proper connections, I also have first hand knowledge about music. I applied them conveniently into my teaching lessons.

Sometimes true stories on personal experiences are more potent references for music lessons. Students get to appreciate them more since they would see it as something real, something concrete. Mostly because it already happened to their teacher!

And, of course, who in this day and time would not check out the internet for resources? The internet is a widely opened window of possibilities and opportunities. A lot of music teachers consult this virtual world to get new ideas, and, at the same time, share their own thoughts and suggestions.

Furthermore, some of them has put up, or helped put up, websites especially for music teachers. They provide both the trusted and new teaching ideas. They have software and computer programs to assist in music teaching and learning. They even offer programs to help music teachers, especially those who run their own music studios, in the administrative aspects of their vocation.

I could not have done it on my own. I need other people and outside resources to link with my personal knowledge to make my chosen craft work. This benefited not only me but most importantly my students, to whom I wanted to instill the love of music. That matters most!

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Differences in the Resources that School and Studio Music Teachers Need

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Generally, teachers are associated with schools. These are the usual schools with students attending classes everyday with fixed schedules. They have different grade levels and diverse subjects. Schools teachers are mostly pictured in classrooms, doing lectures and giving out written tests

Among these teachers are school music teachers. But, they teach a subject basically dissimilar to other schools subjects in more ways than one. In turn, they do need unique sets of resources.

Music teachers here have a lesson plan to follow as well as a schedule on when to tackle the certain lessons. To make these lesson plans, they need resources to prepare how they would present the subject matters.

The library, most especially if there is one in their own schools, is a goldmine of resources. While the new breed of teachers can argue that this is quite old-fashioned, the library has bested the tests of times to still persist. Besides, their books are still more extensive references for a lot of topics.

Their co-teachers are also good resources. The beauty of teaching music, or any subject for that matter, in schools is you get colleagues at hand. They can be of assistance to you if you are doubtful on how to manage a certain subject matter or even a certain class. They get to share personal experiences as music teachers, and learn from the process.

You also have your superiors not only to look up to as inspirations, but also as a source of knowledge. Your immediate supervisors in that same line of subject would be more experienced and thus can provide you wise tips to improve your craft.

And though they are both music teachers, those who teach in ordinary schools have different requirements from their counterparts in private music studios. Private music studios present a highly different environment for both music teachers and the music students.

Music studios cater to students who want to learn more about music alone. In a way this makes it easier for the private teachers. The students can focus on students, and since it is a relatively smaller venue, the teachers can also focus on their students.

However, they might need more resources than the music teachers formerly defined. First, but at times overlooked, is that they are now part of the studio’s administration. They would surely be delegated clerical works. Resources they would need may involve manpower to focus on the administrative stuffs.

They can tap the vastness of the coverage of the internet for this. There are now music teachers’ resources available that directly meet the administrative needs of this profession. They could even use the internet to market or promote their studios.

But in terms of resources for the lesson proper, they have more leeway. They do not have to really follow some rules or guidelines to how and when to go about with their teachings. They can then use whatever resources that they think suit their lessons.

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Online Resources for Music Teachers

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With the present fast-paced lifestyle, music education must keep up with the changing times. Learning now does not rest mostly on books and class lectures alone. A more efficient and quicker means is thru the internet.

Moreover, the internet offers more interesting ways to teach and learn music. The internet is indeed a window of possibilities and the music educators must exploit this resource for the benefit of their students, as well as theirs.

The online resources for music education cater to both students and teachers. Some focus on teaching students. Many more others focus on the needs of music teachers, both in their instructions and the administrative parts of their job.

Online resources for students most of the time boasts of quizzes and games and music lessons. Games include puzzles about music. These intend to appeal mostly to younger children as music students. They also serve as tests to evaluate the students’ learning.

Musical theories and other information about music are also available in these resources. Students may learn the names of music notes, rhythms, terms and the names of famous musicians and composers. These can be references for their assignments.

There are sites especially tailored for music teachers. Many of them are even prepared by musical teachers like them, either retired or practicing. Rest assured then that many of these sites provide what are surely relevant to music teaching.

Some of them provide teacher-reviewed and summarized links worldwide, and advocacy internet suggestions for beginners who are not astute with internet use. Others even have links to sites for buy and sell of instruments, software and gadgets essential to music teaching.

Others are modeled to be a network site for music teachers worldwide. Music teachers can make their own accounts and put in information and applications they would like to share to other colleagues. They also act as forum sites for music teachers where they can discuss any topics about music, or even outside of it!

Even some more go one step ahead by offering software or computer programs that aid music teachers with their practice. These features actually include programs useful to the administrative aspect of music teaching.

Teachers can manage their student list, give out assignments, check students’ answers and give out scores, all online. Even students gain from this because they can just pass their assignments online. They can even communicate or consult with their teachers online.

Other features enable music educators to actually run a private music studio online! They provide calendars to set schedules of lessons. Or for private studios, students will easily access when their next session will be. This will also facilitate easier monitoring of missed lessons, or schedules that do not link up.

There are many more varied resources in the internet that any kind of music teacher might easily find for any type of need he or she might have. So open the window of opportunities of the internet. And open up your craft to a world of possibilities.

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Modern Resources for Music Teachers Benefit the Students too!

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The older generation of music students and music teachers grew up relying mostly on books and, probably, some personal experiences or stories told to them. Teachers then have less resources to facilitate their teachings.

We are thus lucky these days to have so many available resources in our hands. Fundamentally, it is the technological advances that laid the foundations to these changes. It made gathering musical information and data, as well as sharing them, a lot more efficient.

Books on music, whether they are on its theories and principles or its applications, have been easier to furnish. Titles range from history of music, famous musicians and composers, composing music and can be as specific as jazz music, orchestra or even modern styles.

There are also modern gadgets that can have practical uses in music teaching. Digital recorders, music players and digital simulators of musical instruments are but some devices that can be useful for music teachers in training their students. They may even be useful for teachers when they themselves need to practice their craft.

The internet provides a wide selection of resources for musical teachers. There exist many websites that are especially established for music teachers or for musical education in general. The possibility is now greater that any information on a particular musical subject is only a click away!

It is also through the internet that music teachers from different places in the world converge. Through this portal, they can impart among themselves their own techniques and share their own experiences in teaching music.

Teachers and students can now also communicate more efficiently. Internet access for both allows them to easily discuss pertinent and urgent issues online when they cannot meet up personally. Assignments can also be distributed by the music teachers to all his or her students in a flash. Students, for their part, can just submit their finished works thru the internet.

Some websites offer internet accounts and even personalized websites for each teacher or music studio. This can be a venue for both the music teacher’s and his or her students’ works to be posted. Their musical works can then be viewed by anybody who has musical interests.

Nowadays, any kind of music can also be accessed and even downloaded from the internet. Music teachers would then have an abundance of music or songs to help them teach. Teaching music, anyway, needs practical applications and not just lectures.

Teachers and students also can work together in a project by using the different resources available. There are software that enable anyone to compose their own songs or music. One can never foretell, maybe one of these collaborations will even become famous!

So, aside from making things easier for music teachers, these modern resources can foster a deeper relationship and cooperation between teachers and students. Teachers will seem more approachable. Join these with the personal interactions between them, and we have a perfect combination exemplifying musical education at its best!

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