So You Want to Teach Music

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Not everyone has the talent to impart knowledge; as we all know, teaching is a vocation. But what is more difficult is this: to teach another vocation. An example? Teaching music.

Music has a wide range of classifications since musical instruments are discovered or invented from time to time. And to impart the knowledge about these instruments, music teachers are called.

The art of music is a special thing. And passing on knowledge about it is a great responsibility.

There are certain characteristics, which music teachers are supposed to possess. These are attitudes and capabilities that can help them make things easier for themselves, as well as for their students.

Teachers should have at least the most basic knowledge about instruments. No one can teach if he do not know anything. This reflects their love and dedication for the art. If they would not be able to provide students with information, no one would believe them.

It is not enough that music teachers possess the characteristic above. They should also have the knowledge on fields of psychology and philosophy. Teaching music means dealing with people. And dealing with people means the ability to relate with them.

Music is a subject in which two-way interaction exists. Teachers and students must jive with each other to justify the music they are supposed to play together. Practicing psychological and philosophical techniques on students can help teachers make this interaction more possible.

Patience and understanding are two essential values, which music teachers should possess. Repeated lessons are normal. One cannot expect a student to learn music with just one session. And once a lesson is learned, it is a must that they both go back to it. It is a never-ending cycle in teaching this art. And those who lack patience and understanding cannot teach music.

Adjusting to the learning level of the students can be applied by music teachers. They should utilize the abilities of their learners in teaching. For example, a teacher is used to teaching music in a direct note-reading manner, but one of his students cannot learn through mere reading of notes unlike some others.

Perhaps, he prefers listening to what he is supposed to play first. Then, the teacher should be able to adapt to the nature of this child so he could learn, and the responsibility of the teacher be justified.

As implied in the first part of this article, music is a vocation. It is a call to people who are devoted to their craft. The desire to see their students excel most on music is one basic principle, which music teachers should have. It is not merely music lessons that they should impart, but also the love and complete dedication to the art of music.

Not everyone can teach music. Just like as it is in other fields. But things change. Who knows?

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