Encouraging Students is Crucial in Music Teaching

November 27, 2008 at 1:36 am | Posted in Music Teaching Tips | Leave a comment

Music teaching is indeed a fine career to pursue. Although this profession may necessitate a lot of hard work and suitable skills, it can also be rewarding after seeing your students learn so much from you. This is aside from the reasonable payment that you may obtain.

However, not all music students have the eagerness and patience to learn all those stuffs in music. Whether you are teaching in a classroom or in your private music studio, you may encounter some students who get disappointed for several reasons such as these:

  • taking so much time in learning a lesson
  • finding a lesson not exciting
  • lacking a good instrument to use
  • losing focus due to other people’s criticisms

Indeed, the process of learning music can be frustrating. Thus, you must try to inculcate the meaning of patience in their minds even at the initial stage of teaching music.

Challenges are just normal. These obstacles must not stop them but rather make them better. As their advisor, be sure to support them during these trying times.

It is also proper to commend them for accomplishing even the smallest task and to tell them techniques on how to improve on the areas that they are not performing well enough. It can also help to let them know some people who already excelled in this field through hard work. This will motivate them to improve on the craft and realize the nice things that await them if they will not quit and continue practicing hard.

Perfection may not be achievable but excellence can be attained. Encourage your students always do better but do not compel them to be the best. You will just be giving them unneeded pressure.

Listening to the criticisms of other people will only result to their failure to learn. Hence, let them ignore these things and explain unto them that mistakes and shortcomings are just normal in the learning process. It will also be helpful to impart them your own experiences in studying music.

There are various methods in teaching music. You must be aware of your students’ preference. Know the teaching strategies that will motivate them more and implement them accordingly.

Listen to their concerns but always remember not to contradict their feelings. Avoid reprimanding them for their mistakes and irresponsiveness; not all your students may take it as a challenge. Some may just quit.

In music teaching, it always better to have such skills in encouraging students aside from strong background in music. To be a successful teacher, you must ensure that all your students acquire the skills in music at the end. It is always crucial to encourage them to finish their lessons.

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